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Shout at the devil!!!

My first recollection of hearing Crue was probably on the radio (K-94 or FM-99) when they first played Looks That Kill.  Maybe it was on Metal Shop?  Not really sure.  But I do specifically remember when I first heard the album in its entirety.   It was late fall of 1983 and I was on a camping trip with the Scouts.  Hunter March, one of the older guys in the troop, said, “Hey Sean, you like metal, check this out.”  So I popped the Shout at the Devil tape in my Walkman and freaked out.  The opening track sort of wigged me out.  It was pretty evil for the time.  Then they started singing about the devil and things seemed right in the world again.  hahaha.  I listened to the tape all that night and was hooked.  This band had quite a different sound.  A good sound.

Now, if you’ve been paying any attention at all to my older blogs, you know that my mom didn’t approve of the metal in general.  She got swooped in by some other parents at my church that it was of the devil.  You know, the whole KISS = knights in satan’s service type crap.  We had to be subjected to some anti-heavy metal seminars from guys like Albert Long who would stand on stage in front of us showing metal videos, album covers and reading lyrics trying to convince us that rock and roll was going to send us to hell.  Little did he know that he was opening us up to a whole new world of bands!  Thanks Albert!

One weekend we took a church trip to somewhere in North Carolina to see one of his seminars.  While there we visited some mall and I bought 2 7″ records…Huey Lewis’ Finally Found a Home (b/w Walking on a Thin Line) and Crue’s Looks That Kill (b/w Piece of Your Action).  Funnily enough I am pretty sure Mr. Long was pounding on the Crue during his seminar.

That stuff was pretty jank, ya know, those seminars.  Hearing him say that Angus Young was possessed by the devil was absolutely hilarious.  One of my favorites was when he showed the video for Twisted Sister’s You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll.  Satanic?  Really?  Dude.  C’mon.  Anyway, I wish I still had that Crue 45.

I really love this album except for Helter Skelter.  I’m not a Beatles fan in the least and don’t really care to hear covers of their songs (exception being Sacred Rite’s Eleanor Rigby).  Danger, Ten Seconds To Love and Too Young To Fall In Love are my faves.

There is a pretty funny and somewhat embarassing story attached to Looks That Kill.  I went over to Kelz’ house as his band was jamming.  They ripped into Looks That Kill and I grabbed the mic and started singing it (poorly, I’m sure).  Kelz’ mom busts in the jam room and asks what song that was and if we knew the lyrics.  Like a dumbass, I spoke up.  D’oh.  It’s not like it’s a bad song, but the fact that it was Crue sent her over the edge (again).  She was pretty much the mastermind of the “metal is evil” campaign.

I guess they all meant well but at the time it sucked for us.  Having to hide tapes and trade them secretly really sucked.

Anyways, Crue ruled on this album…not so much afterwards.

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  1. Y’know I totally agree that they sucked after this record, although I have a soft spot for Dr. Feelgood. I have a strange relationship with the Crue now…ie; I like to rip on them(hypocritical) and I still think Too Fast For Love is one of the most ballsy rock n’ roll records I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I mean truly, that record exemplifies the feeling of rock n’ roll to me. It’s youth, it’s sex, it’s raw & unpolished, it’s sloppy, energetic, ignorant, it’s pissing into the wind about a bleak future, and it gets up in your face. Oh and it’s fun to sing along to. How on earth did they pull that off? Yeah it’s lame of me to rip on them here and ther but I’ll cop to it, and that band really did represent soooo much for me. A walk down Sunset Blvd on my lunch break on any given day would attest to that. Shit my COMMUTE in the morning narrated Girls Girls Girls in full. Hehe. I think it just had to do with Tommy & Vince and how/what their personalities have manifested over the years. Nikki, you’re okay man. Mick, hey godspeed dude.

    Overall it might be sacriledge of me to say that much about Too Fast For Love in light of records like High Voltage or Powerage. Them shits still make me wanna break all Mom’s furniture and light the house on fire. Sorry Mom! The Devil made me do it!


    March 13, 2009 at 10:02 am

  2. Oh and p.s.

    My first listen to Shout At The Devil was a cassette loaned to me by the neighborhood bully in one of those rare segues of him not fucking with me. Yeah, weird.

    p.p.s Blast from the past–K94! And what about some ZROCK! I’m sure in Suffolk you could pick that shit up easier than me.


    March 13, 2009 at 10:04 am

  3. Z-rock was great for the brief time it lasted.


    March 13, 2009 at 10:06 am

  4. My mother was big into church and thought that metal would lead me down that road of fire to hell. I love Shout at the devil and actually I think Too fast for love is just a hair better. After that I don’t care much about them. Dr. Feelgood was decent, but nowhere near the level of those first two albums.

    Metal Mark

    March 14, 2009 at 11:13 am

  5. I too had my taste of this via cassette and was blown away. My buddy and I listened to Shout fanatically when it came out and I hustled up the train tracks to a record shop to get my own copy. Of course, by the time I was wearing a Shout at the Devil t-shirt around school, this Catholic boy who was in church most weeks was chawing against his peers who labeled him a devil worshipper. Funny how they all changed their tune with the dreaded GGG


    March 19, 2009 at 7:26 pm

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