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Oh Sarah…

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It’s no secret that I think Sarah Palin is pretty hot for a woman who has 5 kids and is about to be a granny. It’s also no secret that I’d never vote for McCain or Obama but I am enjoying that the race seems to be about cool points now than real issues. Obama, the American Idol Candidate, has been handed some competition by a woman who is just as experienced as him (or more some say), seems to be pretty hip and can also woo and wow crowds with her smile. Not a lot of difference so far except in some of their fiscal viwes i guess. No matter. I said it before, the hottie factor doesn’t get my vote. McCain and Obama are not so fundamentally different beyond maybe the abortion issue…which is a non-issue. Is Roe v. Wade really going to be overturned one day? Doubtful. Move on to real issues.

If it’s going to come down to cool points to get my vote, seeing Sarah in this old photo of her wins it every time:


Score one for the hottie factor.

Nobama 08
Nomccain 08

heavy metal rules.

Written by The Metal Files

September 3, 2008 at 5:50 pm

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