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Angels in white, you have sacrificed…you witnessed and buried the pain

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God, this is one of the most beautiful metal songs ever written.


These walls are stained, engraved with pain
You will find them under shadows casting shame
Some it’s all they’ve ever known
Angels of the fortunate sons come and go
You may not

Entities pass in the night
Guardians and the Reaper fight
The will to live shall win
Mares of hope ride through their dreams
Blinding light awakens sleeping dawn
It seems It was all a dream
An endless dream

I will wish upon a star
I believe in you
And if my will has strayed afar
I rememebered you
Will you remember me?
I’m the one you sentenced
Pennance unabsolved
Answer me
Save my will
Have you forgotten me?

Pace the hallway blindman
For a million miles of stars his mind has seen
Think you may, he lives in darkness
We’re the dark , he’s seen the light of dream

Karen, she’s been asleep forever
I know she hears me
She has so much to say
The machine thatsparks
Through her egg shell mind
The tear streams from her face
Into my hand, to my heart

I will wish upon a star
I believe in you
And if my will has strayed afar
I rememebered you
Will you remember me?
I’m the one you sentenced
Pennance unabsolved
Answer me, Save my will

I’m a fire without a flame
Helpless child without a name
With broken wings
Catch me, I’m falling
I’m a question with no answer
Who are you that takes my life away from me?
Unveil the boundaries of the black

I had a dream I was you
Strong as the fire in my veins
And when I called out your name
I would remain to witness the pain
I am beyond silent black
I will be back as your Guardian

Angels in white you have sacrificed
You witnessed and buried the pain
You walk hand and hand with the fear stricken child
Strengthen the weak and the lame
Have you seen beyond the unborn?
Pillar of pennance and lore
Perpetual journey into the realm
The Sovereign Servitor

I will wish upon a star
I believe in you
And if my will has strayed afar
I rememebered you
Will you remember me?
I’m the one you sentenced
Pennance unabsolved
Answer me, Save my will
Have you forgotten me?

Written by The Metal Files

January 25, 2010 at 10:41 pm

My Life With Lizzy Borden

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“Hello suckers!” = Lizzy Borden

The first time I had seen or heard of Lizzy Borden was from a little photo and small article in Circus Magazine.  It was a cool shot of the band in black and white standing on the roof of a building and Lizzy had a big axe proppoed on his toe.  Would love to find that photo somewhere.

I think I first heard them on one of the old Metal Blade Records compilations but it wasn’t really until 1986 that I got into them via a former friend from high school.  I remember going to his house and he had the Give ‘Em The Axe EP on vinyl.  I was hooked.  In subsequent years we all got into Love You To Pieces and the Muderess Metal Roadshow thanks to the VHS they put out,  Good times!  That former friend from high school and I did Give “em The Axe for our junior year air band contest.  I think we won because everyone else was a bit scared.

Sure Lizzy and the band always looked a bit silly and even more so now, but they’ve never really done a bad record.  I finally got to see them play at the NORVA in Norfolk, VA back in 2004 opening for Yngwie, not long before their guitarist, Alex Nelson, was killed in a car wreck.  He was a killer player.  They were all very cool folks.   I couldn’t believe they didn’t play Give ‘Em the Axe though!  I felt cheated!

So, here’s the review that you’ve so anxiously been waiting for.

Give ‘Em The Axe EP – 1984

This was a cool EP.  The title tracks rules.  No Time to Lose and Kiss of Death are cool.  I never liked their cover of Long Live Rock and Roll (Rainbow).  7/10

Love You To Pieces – 1985

Oh man.  This album rules.  There’s not a bad track on it but the highlights ae Warfare, American Metal, Rod of Iron and Red Rum.  I listened to this tape so much.  No telling how many copies I went through over the years.  10/10

Menace To Society – 1986

Another fantastic record by Lizzy Borden but it suffered severely from poor production.  It was very tinny and I don’t really know that a bass was used on it.  I’m one of the few Lizzy fans who actually thinks this one is as good as the previews album.  My faves are Notorious, Ursa Minor and Love Kills.  10/10

Terror Rising EP – 1987

Ugh.  This really was a bit of a waste of petroleum based materials.  Catch Your Death was a cool tune but the cover version of the Tubes’ Don’t Touch Me There with Betsy from Bitch, the title track and the god awful cover of White Rabbit makes me with I could get my $5.98 back from the Music Man.  2/10

Visual Lies – 1987

Another Lizzy album that I love but it’s a lot different than their previous albums.  It’s a little more polished in production terms and a little more palatable for the MTV crowd.  They had a video for Me Against the World and the song was featured in the terrible movie Black Roses.  I dig the album though.  There are some really great tracks like Lord of the Flies, Shock Treatment, the title track and Eyes of a Stranger.  Worthwhile listening for sure.  By the way, this featured Joe Holmes on guitar who was in Ozzy for a brief time.  9/10

Master of Disguise – 1989

This is where started losing me a bit.  While it’s not a bad album, it was missing something.  I could never put my finger on it.  I think that this was supposed a solo album by Lizzy…allegedly.  I haven’t listened to this one in years and years.  I won’t anytime soon!  1/10

Deal With the Devil – 2000

This was a good comeback album for the guys.  I like this one a lot and still spin it a few times a year.  There Will Be Blood Tonight is a good track.  Their cover of Alice Cooper’s Generation Landslide was pretty decent too.  I really dig Zanzibar and The World Is Mine.  7/10

Appointment With Death – 2007

I haven’t listened to this one since it came out but I don’t remember it striking me like the previous album did.  Can’t really even name any songs off of it…so there you go.  0/10

So, as it stands, I always recommend Love You to Pieces, Menace to Society and Visual Lies to everyone.

We always knew Google was evil, but…

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This made me chuckle when I saw this on my Google homepage this morning.

Written by The Metal Files

January 25, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol VII

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Here’s the final installment of this 7 part series.  Everything is from 1980.  Excellent soundboard recordings.  The Cork recordings are from April 13, 1980.

1. Hey You  ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
2. Waiting For An Alibi ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
3. Chinatown ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
4. Didn’t I ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
5. Are You Ready ( 1980 Cork Live )
6. Chinatown ( 1980 Cork Live )
7. Rosalie (Rose Of Tralee) ( 1980 Cork Live )
8. Waiting For An Alibi ( 1980 Cork Live )
9. Jailbreak ( 1980 Cork Live )
10. Don’t Play Around (5/29/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
11. We Will Be Strong (5/29/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
12. Sweetheart (5/30/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
13. Hey You (5/29/80 Hammersmith Live )

Download it here.

Written by The Metal Files

January 24, 2010 at 1:04 am

Philip Lynott – Man and His Music Vol VI

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Installment 6 of 7 has some really cool demos.  One of my favorite of this series.  Huey Lewis on Parsienne Walkways!

1. Ghetto Woman (recorded for RTE Ireland: Ken’s Club Jan 8th, 1974)
2. Hate**
3. With Love** (demo version/different lyrics!!)
4. Parisienne Walkways** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
5. Black Rose** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
6. Got To Give It Up** (different lyrics!!)
7. Toughest Street In Town** (different lyrics)
8. Don’t Believe A Word** (demo version)
9. Bad Habits*** (different guitar solo)
10. Baby Please Don’t Go*** (different lyrics)
11. Mama Don’t Like It*** (Someday She Is Gonna Hit Back … instrumental)
12.  Chosen One*** (Holy War/different lyrics)


CD is taken from a re-broadcast of different Irish Thin Lizzy radio sessions in a tribute show for Philip Lynott.

* Ghetto Woman was the first show ever recorded with Gary Moore in the band.
** Jan 22nd, 1978 Ramport Studios
*** Thunder And Lightning demos

Download it here.

Written by The Metal Files

January 23, 2010 at 7:31 pm