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Lizzy Borden Concert Review, San Antonio, TX, August 16, 2014

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Last night marked the third time since 2001 that I’ve seen Lizzy Borden.  I’ve been a fan since being introduced to them via their first EP.  They’re currently touring on the “30 Years of American Metal Tour” and last night was the 3rd of three shows in Texas.  One of my lifelong friends lives in San Antonio so I picked him up before the show and we headed to Fitzgerald’s after grabbing some Thai food.  We missed the first band and stayed outside on the patio during the second band.  Not my thing.

James Rivera’s Metal Asylum came on next playing songs from many of the bands that’s been involved in over his career as well as some of his favorite cover songs.  The sound in this venue was horrible and I’m not sure that it was equipment issues.  Beyond the huge shows at the AT&T Center and Alamo Dome, every bar gig that I see in San Antonio sounds like shit.  Last night was no different.  Rivera sounded good through most of his set, but it did seem that he was having trouble hearing himself.  Between going in and out during most of his set, it was enjoyable.

While on the patio during the second band, I saw Lizzy and his bassist, Marten, by their RV and spoke to them for a minute.  Lizzy asked how the crowd was and I told him, “Maybe 100, probably a little less.”  He looked disappointed.  By the time that they came on stage, a lot of the crowd had already left.  I figured that would happen as a lot of the crowd was there to see Rivera as he’s still very popular in Texas.

Lizzy came on and the sound issues continued through his set.  I stood up front for much of the show but moved around to gauge the mix and it was just awful.   Nonetheless, the band was solid although I was surprised to see them with only one guitarist which happened to be Ira Black who has notably played with Metal Church and Vicious Rumors as well as being on the last Lizzy album.  He played well but some of the guitar harmony stuff was noticeably absent.  Lizzy did costume and mask changes between every song which got a little tedious.  I’d love to see him just do a tour with no makeup.  Maybe I’m just getting old but I don’t need the theatrics to keep me interested in a band or their show.  His music stands on its own for me.  But that’s his thing, so be it. It was good to see them again and I really liked watching Marten’s bass work.  He’s good.

It was a fun show and a great night with one of my best friends.  And for the record, Lizzy and drummer Joey Scott (Lizzy’s brother) signed The Book in 2001 back in Norfolk.

Lizzy Borden Announce Summer of Blood Tour 2011

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This makes me happy.


PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

June 1, 2011

The Lizzy Borden summer of blood tour (USA) 2011

Make your appointment with death this summer with Lizzy Borden

Lizzy Borden and his band of Abnormals: Joey Scott, Marten Andersson, Dario Lorina and AC Alexander have confirmed they will be touring the USA this summer on the Lizzy Borden summer of blood tour (USA) 2011.

The summer tour will feature songs from the latest release Appointment with death. and with the back catalogue well represented with songs like  “Me Against the World“, “American Metal“, “Master of Disguise“, “There will be Blood Tonight” and many more, this will be pure American metal summer fun in the USA!

More dates will be added daily – Go to for all updates and presales in your area.

July 2 (Saturday) San Antonio, TX tba

July 3 (Sunday) Oklahoma City, OK

July 7 (Thursday) Greensburg, PA 42nd Street

July 8 (Friday) Towson, MD Recher Theatre

July 9 (Saturday) Clifton, NJ Dingbatz

July 10 (Sunday) Toronto, ON Rock Pile

July 13 (Wednesday) Cleveland, OH Peobody’s

July 14 (Thursday) Indianapolis, IN Rock House Cafe

July 15 (Friday) Crest Hill, IL Bada Brew (facebook – myspace)

July 16 (Saturday) Westland, MI The Token Lounge

July 17 (Sunday) St. Paul, MN Station 4

July 20 (Wednesday) Denver, CO tba

July 21 (Thursday) Salt Lake City, UT Club Vegas

July 22 (Friday) Las Vegas, NV tba

July 23 (Saturday) Garden Grove, CA The Can

August 6 (Saturday) Seattle, WA El Corazon

Please repost on your twitter, myspace or facebook. Thank you!

For Lizzy Borden bookings or press Inquires go to:


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June 1, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Lizzy Borden Concert Review – 041710

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As stated before, I am a pretty big fan of Lizzy Borden. so I was pretty excited when I heard that they were coming to

Give 'em the Axe!

San Antonio to do a show…a FREE show!  I saw them in 2001 opening for Malmsteen at the NORVA in Norfolk, VA and they were great even though they didn’t play Give ’em The Axe.  My problem, not theirs, eh?

So McMaster and I head down to San Antonio (75 miles) around 6PM and go to the legendary Hogwild Records before heading to the venue.  I’ve been there one other time and it’s a great store, lots of San Antonio metal history there.  I ended up buying 6 shirts while I was there:  2 S.A. Slayer, Sepultura – Beneath The Remains, 2 Dark Angels designs and Mercyful Fate – Nuns Have No Fun.  They had tons of other great shirts, but sold out on my size (tent-makers must be running behind! haha!)  I really wanted the Sin After Sin shirt. *sigh*

So after doing our damage there, we head to the venue just to see where it is.  It’s an old warehouse, huge place.   After we spotted it we went to Denny’s and grabbed a quick meal.  I hadn’t eaten since that morning so I was feeling pretty weak.

We get to the venue around 9:30PMish and catch up with McMaster’s girlfriend and 2 of her friends who flew in from Oklahoma City…April and Angie.  good looking rock chicks.  Super funny and very cool.  Had a blast with them.

The venue is called Backstage Live and they are bringing in a lot of shows, mostly 80s rock and metal.  The place is friggin’ huge.  I imagine it can hold 1000 comfortably, maybe twice that.  They did a nice job doing the rehab work in there.  It was a very nice place.  Some cool swag on the walls as well like this German KISS poster from the Unmasked Tour with Iron Maiden opening up.  Damn!

It took almost an hour for Lizzy to hit the stage after the opening band, One Of Six.  WTH?  It was ridiculous.  The club owner spoke from the stage saying they were delayed in getting there, but I don’t know.  There was a point where they all walked out from backstage to come on then went back in…seemed like it was another 20 minutes until they finally came on.

Jason and I moved practically 5′ from the stage with ease and room to spare around us.  There may have been 100-120 people there, but the place is so big that the crowd looked tiny.

Lizzy finally hit the stage dressed in a hooded robe and a black screen covering his face.  Honestly, the sound quality

Lizzy Borden, one of many masks

was so bad that I have no idea what song they opened with.  I think it may have been from their last album of which I am totally unfamiliar with.  Give ’em The Axe was next but I had no idea what it was.  Jason elbowed me and said, “They’re playing your song.”  Really?   Couldn’t tell.  I could tell that Lizzy’s voice was good, though.  Really he sounded great.  He has such a unique voice and it can cut through just about anything.  His band was really good too.  Marten Andersson is a fantastic bassplayer.  Lizzy’s brother, Joey Scott Harges is still on drums and he had 2 hot shot guitarists with him.  Both of those dudes could play.

Lizzy changed masks and costumes between just about every song.  I have to say that I think I would have preferred a stripped down Lizzy show without having all of the “show”.  Their music can hold it’s own.  But then I guess it just wouldn’t be a Lizzy show without all the props and such.

nice mullet, hero.

They only did 14 songs and it really seemed like fewer because of the sound there.  I really left the show very disappointed…one, in the sound quality and 2, in the setlist.  I thought it was pretty weak and very short.  This is one of 4 USA shows, play a longer set!

I’m not so sure that I’ll ever go see them again.


? (inaudible)
Give ’em The Axe
? (inaudible)
Tomorrow Never Comes
Under Your Skin
Master of Disguise
There Will Be Blood Tonight
Me Against the World
American Metal
Hollywood? (inaudible)
We’ve Got The Power
Notorious (encore)
Redrum (encore)

If anyone can fill in the blanks on the setlist, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m really hesitant to see other shows at this venue even though they have a lot of good stuff coming there…Y&T, Dangerous Toys, Pat Travers, etc.

Oh well.  I had fun with Jason, his girl and the OKC girls…and I got to meet the legendary Don Van Stavern Riot, SA Slayer).

We all bleed American metal!


Someone sent me the setlist.  Three songs were not played although they were listed:  Crawlin’, Deal With the Devil and Come Out At Night.


photo courtesy of Rockerazzi Photography

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April 18, 2010 at 9:28 am

SxSW and other upcoming shows…Austin is the greatest.

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When I moved here 3 years ago from Norfolk, VA, I didn’t really know much about this town.  I didn’t come here for the music, it was for a job.   From my first weekend here, I was thrown deep into what this city was about…or at least what this city touts itself as being…”The Live Music Capital of the World.”  The bad part about this town’s motto is that it does as much to keep music down as it does to support it.

Each year the local weekly music and entertainment paper, “The Chronicle”, puts on a festival called South By Southwest, SxSW for short.  This is the 24th year.  It was originally intended for bands to be showcased to record exec types.  Now it seems just more of a cash grab for record labels who showcase their own bands…and it’s really a huge cash grab for the festival promoters.  Bands come from all over the world, literally, to play here.  I went to my first one 3 years ago and got to see some cool stuff.  A lot of major label acts come and play for free.  There’s a whole badge, wristband, pre-pay sort of thing that gives you a little better access to shows but most of us locals can still see the ones we want to see by either waiting in long lines, showing up early or knowing someone at the venue who can get you in the back door.  Two years ago Motorhead played a free outdoor day show but you had to be on an RSVP list to get in.  Gates opened at 11AM and we were in line at 9am.  There were 20 people ahead of us.  Literally thousands lined up around 2 city blocks to try and get in.  You snooze you lose.  We won!

Walk anywhere downtown during the Weds-Sunday music fest and you will hear something that you like and most likely be able to get in, maybe with a small cover or just in for free…depending on whether or not it’s an “official” SxSW show.   The non-SxSW shows can be as good as the official ones, usually better.  Last night, walking by one of my favorite bars I hear some crazy jazz coming out…It was Prince’s bassist and drummer.  AWESOME!  Totally random.  Across the street the bassist for Little Richard was playing.

Last year the Texas Rockfest folks (non-SxSW) put on a great free show.  They always get use of 2 prime large open lots in the middle of the official stuff and show great bands for free.  Last year we got to see DC4 (Odin, DIO, Armored Saint guys) and Eddie Ojeda (who sucked actually, but still, you get my point).  The the the Rockfest guys are doing a $12 St. Patrick’s Day show featuring Agony Column (reunion!), George Lynch, Razr13 (Doug Pinnick), Faster Pussycat, Crank County Daredevils, LA Guns, Austin’s Broken Teeth (Watchtower, Dangerous Toys, Pariah members).  The next days begins the free Rockfest shows with more Broken Teeth,  Danko Jones(!), and more.

Other cool shows during this years festival are VoiVod, Cheap Trick (free!), GWAR (day show…sweet!) and tons more.

Getting past the SxSW thing, Austin is stepping up its game over the past year as for as the metal goes.  We just had Dianno here.  Anvil rolled through a few weeks back.  Megadeth/Testament/Exodus are next week.  Kreator is soon.  Overkill is soon.  Hammerfall is soon.  Not to mention with San Antonio just being 75 minutes south, there’s tons more to see.  Free Lizzy Borden show there in April.  Maiden is coming back this summer.  What’s a rocker to do?  I’m gonna go broke…happily.

All the above nonsense being said, life is grand here.  I just need to lose some weight…and I’m working on it…sort of.

Thanks Austin.  The move here changed and saved my life methinks. for non-sxsw shows and if you want to see the “official” band list.

My Life With Lizzy Borden

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“Hello suckers!” = Lizzy Borden

The first time I had seen or heard of Lizzy Borden was from a little photo and small article in Circus Magazine.  It was a cool shot of the band in black and white standing on the roof of a building and Lizzy had a big axe proppoed on his toe.  Would love to find that photo somewhere.

I think I first heard them on one of the old Metal Blade Records compilations but it wasn’t really until 1986 that I got into them via a former friend from high school.  I remember going to his house and he had the Give ‘Em The Axe EP on vinyl.  I was hooked.  In subsequent years we all got into Love You To Pieces and the Muderess Metal Roadshow thanks to the VHS they put out,  Good times!  That former friend from high school and I did Give “em The Axe for our junior year air band contest.  I think we won because everyone else was a bit scared.

Sure Lizzy and the band always looked a bit silly and even more so now, but they’ve never really done a bad record.  I finally got to see them play at the NORVA in Norfolk, VA back in 2004 opening for Yngwie, not long before their guitarist, Alex Nelson, was killed in a car wreck.  He was a killer player.  They were all very cool folks.   I couldn’t believe they didn’t play Give ‘Em the Axe though!  I felt cheated!

So, here’s the review that you’ve so anxiously been waiting for.

Give ‘Em The Axe EP – 1984

This was a cool EP.  The title tracks rules.  No Time to Lose and Kiss of Death are cool.  I never liked their cover of Long Live Rock and Roll (Rainbow).  7/10

Love You To Pieces – 1985

Oh man.  This album rules.  There’s not a bad track on it but the highlights ae Warfare, American Metal, Rod of Iron and Red Rum.  I listened to this tape so much.  No telling how many copies I went through over the years.  10/10

Menace To Society – 1986

Another fantastic record by Lizzy Borden but it suffered severely from poor production.  It was very tinny and I don’t really know that a bass was used on it.  I’m one of the few Lizzy fans who actually thinks this one is as good as the previews album.  My faves are Notorious, Ursa Minor and Love Kills.  10/10

Terror Rising EP – 1987

Ugh.  This really was a bit of a waste of petroleum based materials.  Catch Your Death was a cool tune but the cover version of the Tubes’ Don’t Touch Me There with Betsy from Bitch, the title track and the god awful cover of White Rabbit makes me with I could get my $5.98 back from the Music Man.  2/10

Visual Lies – 1987

Another Lizzy album that I love but it’s a lot different than their previous albums.  It’s a little more polished in production terms and a little more palatable for the MTV crowd.  They had a video for Me Against the World and the song was featured in the terrible movie Black Roses.  I dig the album though.  There are some really great tracks like Lord of the Flies, Shock Treatment, the title track and Eyes of a Stranger.  Worthwhile listening for sure.  By the way, this featured Joe Holmes on guitar who was in Ozzy for a brief time.  9/10

Master of Disguise – 1989

This is where started losing me a bit.  While it’s not a bad album, it was missing something.  I could never put my finger on it.  I think that this was supposed a solo album by Lizzy…allegedly.  I haven’t listened to this one in years and years.  I won’t anytime soon!  1/10

Deal With the Devil – 2000

This was a good comeback album for the guys.  I like this one a lot and still spin it a few times a year.  There Will Be Blood Tonight is a good track.  Their cover of Alice Cooper’s Generation Landslide was pretty decent too.  I really dig Zanzibar and The World Is Mine.  7/10

Appointment With Death – 2007

I haven’t listened to this one since it came out but I don’t remember it striking me like the previous album did.  Can’t really even name any songs off of it…so there you go.  0/10

So, as it stands, I always recommend Love You to Pieces, Menace to Society and Visual Lies to everyone.