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Somewhere I hear a voice that’s calling…

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Somewhere I hear a voice that’s calling
Out in the dark there burns a dream
You got to hope when you are falling
To find the world that you have seen

I remember it well, the weekend in 1986 before Iron Maiden released Somewhere In Time. I had gone in to Unicorn Records to see Drew and ask if he had the new Maiden yet…on cassette of course. He said he did but couldn’t sell it yet…legally. I asked to at least look at it and after much badgering, he finally conceded. It was all I could do to not just run out of the store with it. Of course I wouldn’t have as the owner and I were friends, but I did consider it.

He told me to come back Tuesday. I told him I’d have to wait until the following weekend. I think he could see the pain in my face and he definitely knew that Maiden was my favorite band. I handed it back to him and was about to leave and when he stopped me and said, “OK. I’ll sell it to you. Just don’t tell anyone!” Drew was such a softie! I handed him the money and bolted out to my old 66 Nova 4dr.

Flash forward to this morning. I had to actually work on a Saturday (it was actually a class at work). After it was finished, I got into my car and decided to listen to some Maiden. I when to the Maiden folder on the iPod and decided that I wanted to hear Somewhere In Time. I was in the mood for Sea of Madness and Wasted Years specifically.

When that first synth in Caught Somewhere In Time started, I suddenly felt a chill come over me, in a good way. It took me right back to that day in 86, sitting in my car and popping that cassette in for the first time. I was completely awed by the album. It was quite different than Powerslave (my all time #1). The ride back to my town was about 30 minutes or so and I got through half of the album. I had to call someone! So I called, Kelz. “Dude, Drew sold me the new Maiden today.” “No he didn’t.” “Yes, he did! Listen!” “Man, you suck.” Kelz and I repeated this conversation when Seventh Son came out. haha

While Somewhere is a damn fine album, I still find myself skipping Alexander the Great.

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March 31, 2012 at 3:11 pm

Holy Grail, Pallbearer, Hull, OFF!, Mutilation Rites – SxSW 2012

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Every year at SxSW I get exposed to some bands that I may have missed otherwise. This year I got to see Holy Grail, Hull and OFF!. I missed Pallbearer but have been listening to them since.

Check it:

Holy Grail – good retro US metal from San Fran. they kicked ass live

Pallbearer – tasteful doom, really loving this band

Hull – the vocals could be better, but i like their riffs

OFF! – featuring keith morris on vocals (black flag, circle jerks)

Mutilation Rites – i dislike most black metal beyond some classic bathory and such, but i enjoyed these guys live

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March 22, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Arsis – Choking on Sand

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Arsis has some new material in the works.  I can never get enough of this band.

Click here to listen.

Beautifully heavy.

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March 19, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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Rick Colaluca of Watchtower SxSW

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sean colaluca

w/Rick Colaluca of Watchtower fame. Not many things could make me happier right now.

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March 17, 2012 at 1:19 am

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Lionel Richie Concert Review, Austin, TX 3/14/2012, SxSW

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Another concert review from the “Not So Metal Files”.  My musical tastes are pretty diverse and there’s no doubting that my favorite genre of music is metal.  It’s been in my life since the mid-70s and I live for it.  But through the years there are other genres and artists that have been on my radar.  One of them is Lionel Richie.

Like most, my introduction to his music was via The Commodores in the 70s.  While I’ll never be accused of being a fan of funk, I am a fan of a good ballad and The Commodores cornered that market in those days with songs like Easy, Three Times A Lady, Sail On and Still.  Lionel decided to go solo and continued the ballads in the 80s with great songs like Truly (my fave of his), Lady (used by Kenny Rogers), Endless Love, Stuck On You, Hello and a slew of others.

A little additional background into my love for Lionel’s music…in junior high (82-84) I was in the school choir.  I had quite a nice baritone back in those days, at least Ms. Matthews thought so.  In choir, we did a lot of Lionel’s ballads and I really grew quite fond of those tunes.

Enter 2012’s SxSW Music Festival.  Earlier this week we learned that Lionel was going to be playing the awesome Moody Theater for the Billboard Magazine showcase.  For those that don’t know, SxSW gives people the option to buy a badge or wristband to give you access to all of the official shows as space allows.  I’ve never bought one as I generally can get in to most of the shows I want to see.  But this one was different.  My pals and I got into freakout mode trying to figure out how the hell we could get into the show.  We assumed that since there’s an additional 100,000 people in town, the place would have the typical long lines of badgeholders to get in.

It was announced the day before the show that they would releases some tickets to the public the day of the show.  As soon as I got off work, I met up with my friend at the bar across the street from the venue.  Shockingly to me, there was no one in line at the badge area and only 10 folks in line to buy tickets.  WTF?  We sat in line from about 6:15PM to 8PM when they finally opened up the box office.  $30 a ticket.  That’s it!  For Lionel!  If would have paid $100 with no question.  We got our tix and went in.

Have of the balcony area was closed off and the mezzanine level was for special guests only.  There were 4 opening groups and we sat through them all.

The first was Wallpaper.  A dancy, hip-hop-ish sort of thing with 2 drummers.  Not my thing but they were solid and the co-singer/dancer girl was quite cute.  I thought I heard someone say she was Sly Stone’s daughter.  I don’t know.

Up next was Vintage Trouble.  Four dudes dressed 40’s style.  Guitar, bass, drums and vocals.  It wasn’t my thing but it wasn’t bad.  The singer was definitely influenced by James Brown in the way he dressed, moved and sang.  If JB was in a rock band, this would be it.

Poliça came on next.  Another group with 2 drummers.  My friend put it best…”Everything But the Girl mixed with Dido.”  That nailed it.

Terius “The-Dream” Nash was next.  Hip hop.  My switch was off.  I wanted to see Lionel.  I will say that The-Dream’s drummer was pretty incredible though.

They opened up the mezzanine area to everyone and we bolted down there from the balcony and got some decent seats.  The place was still lightly attended.  What a shock.  But it didn’t matter.  I was there, that’s what was important.

After a quick set change, Lionel comes on.  A pre-recorded dancy version of Hello opened the show then they went right into Running With The Night.  We were in freak out mode.  After 2 or three songs, Lionel tells his band to leave the stage as he wanted to do some songs without the band.  Lionel is 62 years old.  He looked young, he sounded young and I think he made all of us feel younger again.  During Dancing On The Ceiling they broke into a little bit of Van Halen’s Jump.  Half of the set was Commodores songs.

The show was just plain awesome.  The waves of emotion that hit me during certain songs, remembering that time and place when those songs first entered our lives.  It was quite special and surely an experience I will never forget.  He said there will be an upcoming tour and that he’d be back.  I’ll be there!

Kenny Rogers came out and did Lady with him.  That was cool.  I will say I was a bit disappointed not to hear Truly.  I adore that song.  He also didn’t do Endless Love or Three Times a Lady.  Maybe next time!

For some great pro shot pictures, click here.

Here’s the setlist as I remember it, but I know it’s not in the right order and I think I may be leaving out a song or two.

What a night!

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March 16, 2012 at 12:31 pm