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Sepultura, Destruction, Arsis, Starkill & Headcrusher Concert Review, Austin, TX, June 10, 2015

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posteruseEarly shows on weeknights.  I love ’em.  Last night’s show was done by 10:30 and that was sweet.

To be honest, I was most excited about last night’s show to see Arsis again.  They’re one of my favorites.

Prior to the show I got to meet Sepultura who were really cool.  Got Paolo and Andreas in The Book.  I’ve got no problem saying that if Beneath the Remains was the only album that they ever recorded, they could have been my favorite thrash band ever.   But…

Headcrusher was the local support (originally from Bogota, Colombia) for the show and they played a tight energetic set on a hot stage going on right around 5:25.  They crushed it to an unfortunately small crowd.  Always a pleasure seeing them, even if I’m not the biggest death metal fan.

Chicago’s melodic death metal band, Starkill, was up next and to be honest, I couldn’t care.  I had listened to a few tracks earlier in the day and they just didn’t catch my ear.  They were pretty sloppy, too.  Maybe the heat was too much.  Don’t know.  Can’t care.

Arsis came on next and did what they do best…SHRED.  They played an intense 7 song set opening with Handbook for the Recently Deceased from their latest album, Unwelcome.  Not only do I like their riffs, I really dig the lyrics.  Malone writes some pretty cool stuff that goes outside of the “hey look, we love satan” type lyrics in a lot of death metal.  Great show, but always too short for my tastes.

Destruction came on next and hit the growing crowd right in the face with Curse the Gods.  They were tight but I could tell they were dying from the heat up there.  I missed the middle part of their set as I went to the bar next door to sit down for a few minutes.  My foot has been bothering me lately as well as my back (getting old!) and I needed a place to sit down for a little bit as Empire Garage doesn’t have seats anywhere.  When I came back I caught The Butcher Strikes Back and Bestial Invasion.  Shortly after their set, their tour manager invited me and 2 other guys onto their bus to hang out.  Schmier and  Mike were very welcoming guys.  Schmier had made a comment from the stage about the Germany/USA soccer match from earlier in the day and I commiserated with him about it.  We then got into a great discussion about Thin Lizzy.  Mike is a huge fan.  Good dudes.  They also signed The Book!  Seriously two of the nicest guys, along with their drummer, that I have ever met.

When I left the bus, Sepultura was already on stage.  The crowd had filled in quite a bit.  They sounded super tight, but I just couldn’t invest much time into them last night.  They weren’t playing anything that I really cared to hear, so I went home.

Arsis!  :)

Arsis – Lepers Caress Review

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ARSIS-Lepers-Caress-604x604Arsis have returned from a short break and released a new EP entitled Lepers Caress via SCION A/V.  The album returns to a little more of a brutal sound when compared to Starve For The Devil.  Starve received mixed reviews from the Arsis fan base but I thought it was excellent albeit a little more lighthearted than their previous releases.  This album reminds me a little more of 2008’s United in Regret.  This EP is apparently a preview for the upcoming full length release called Unwelcome.

Lepers Caress is killer comes with my highest recommendation, especially if you’re already an Arsis fan.  While the whole thing is killer, Six Coffins Wide, Carve My Cross and Denied are my favorites.

You can download the EP for free from here.


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December 8, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Arsis – Choking on Sand

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Arsis has some new material in the works.  I can never get enough of this band.

Click here to listen.

Beautifully heavy.

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March 19, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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Arsis – We Are The Nightmare

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This band is the ultimate death metal band for me. I remember when they were first getting started in Virginia playing at Fantasy Records and wherever else they could. Always a bunch of nice guys.

The band I was in at the time did some shows with them around the Hampton Roads area and I’d always try to see them when they played. Their drummer was phenomenal. Mike Van Dyne. Just a total badass and i was disappointed when he left. Their rhythm guitarist, Chris Jones, left and ultimately ended up in my Motorhead tribute band. He was such an incredible talent on the guitar and as a vocalist. I think he’s completely out of music now.

Then there’s James Malone. The conductor of it all. The boy can shred like none other. He’s taken everything that Chuck Schuldiner (RIP) did and kicked it up a few notches. Watching him sing while playing some crazy riffs is utterly impressive.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen them since I moved to Texas although they’ve played in San Antonio several times in the last 2 years. They keep playing early slots on these big death metal tours and I’m not much of a fan of paying $30 to see a bunch of bands I don’t like just to see the one I do like play for 30 minutes. Hopefully they’ll get some better billing.

They got signed to Nuclear Blast a year ro so ago and recorded their latest album, “We Are The Nightmare.” You’re punched in the face the momoent it kicks in. By the end of the album you feel like you’ve been dragged behind a semi for 40 miles. Darren Cesca’s drumwork is mind numbing. Go to Youtube and check out some of his stuff.

If you’re into Death’s “Symbolic” and “Individual Thought Patterns” then you need to hear Arsis.

I’m proud of those guys. Malone worked hard to get to where he is and I hope they have continues success.

Be sure to check out their Myspace page as well.

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September 16, 2008 at 1:35 pm