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RIP Gary Moore

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I know I am a few days late on this one, but damn this sucks.  Granted I haven’t cared about anything he’s done since Still Got The Blues, but he was a helluva player.  His work in Thin Lizzy was stellar and his solo rock stuff still holds up well almost 30 years later.

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February 9, 2011 at 10:53 am

Philip Lynott – Man and His Music Vol VI

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Installment 6 of 7 has some really cool demos.  One of my favorite of this series.  Huey Lewis on Parsienne Walkways!

1. Ghetto Woman (recorded for RTE Ireland: Ken’s Club Jan 8th, 1974)
2. Hate**
3. With Love** (demo version/different lyrics!!)
4. Parisienne Walkways** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
5. Black Rose** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
6. Got To Give It Up** (different lyrics!!)
7. Toughest Street In Town** (different lyrics)
8. Don’t Believe A Word** (demo version)
9. Bad Habits*** (different guitar solo)
10. Baby Please Don’t Go*** (different lyrics)
11. Mama Don’t Like It*** (Someday She Is Gonna Hit Back … instrumental)
12.  Chosen One*** (Holy War/different lyrics)


CD is taken from a re-broadcast of different Irish Thin Lizzy radio sessions in a tribute show for Philip Lynott.

* Ghetto Woman was the first show ever recorded with Gary Moore in the band.
** Jan 22nd, 1978 Ramport Studios
*** Thunder And Lightning demos

Download it here.

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January 23, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol III

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This volume is one of my favorites because of the last 3 songs.  Phil was very close to Huey Lewis and these 3 songs are the last 3 he recorded with The News right before he died.  Essentially they sound like The News with Phil singing but they are cool tunes.  This also has another fave of mine, Out In The Fields.   Oh, Spanish Guitar, Beat Of The Drum, Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer?  Damn!  Good stuff!

1.Nineteen (dub mix) – Philip Lynott (B-side of 12 inch 19)
2. Tennessee Stud – Phil Lynott with TERRY WOODS (of Pogues fame)
3. Whisky In The Jar (Thin Lizzy: live in Cork 4/13/80 w/Scott/Snowy/Midge)
4. Somebody Else’s Dream – Philip Lynott (B-side of Together)
5. A Tribute To Sandy – Philip Lynott
6. Beat Of The Drum – Philip Lynott (B-side of Old Town)
7. Stop Messing Around – Gary Moore (live: May 1985) w/ guest Philip Lynott
8. Out In The Fields – Gary Moore (live: Apollo? 1985) w/ guest Philip Lynott
9. A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer – THIN LIZZY (B-side of 12 inch 19)
10. A Merry Jingle – the Greedy Bastards! (aka The Greedies)
11. Daddy Rolling Stone – Johnny Thunders w/Philip Lynott
12. We Are The Boys (Extra Medley version)
13. Spanish Guitar – Gary Moore (1979 single) w/Philip Lynott on vocals
14. Can’t Get Away – Philip Lynott with The NEWS
15. Still Alive – Philip Lynott with The NEWS
16. One Wish – Philip Lynott with The NEWS

Download it here.

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January 20, 2010 at 5:51 pm