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Talisphere 1996 Demo Review

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80s Texas metal.  I love it.  There was so much of it that I’m still playing catch up.  Back in Virginia in the 80s, my only real knowledge of Texas metal was Watchtower and Pantera (pre-Cowboys).  Since moving here in 2006 I’ve gotten an amazing education on the scene that they had here.  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with guys who were in a lot of these bands.  Just recently the guitarist for Karion gave me a copy of the CD/DVD set of their old demo and it’s great.  Read about that here.  While doing some research on Karion’s history I found a demo by a band called Talisphere which featured Karion’s singer, Chris Cronk.

This 3 song demo is so damned good and it’s unfortunate that there’s not a whole album.  Chris Cronk told me a week or so ago that a new release by Talisphere is in the works.  The songs on here are great American traditional metal and almost what you’d expect from San Antonio.  I was pleased that this didn’t sound like Pantera.  So many bands tried to emulate their sound but fortunately for me, Talisphere stayed true.  Chris’s vocals are powerful and soaring.  For those that don’t know, he auditioned with Fates Warning to replace John Arch before they settled on Ray Alder.  I think I may have enjoyed the post-Arch era stuff a bit more with Cronk.

Chris Cronk – Vocal
John Fiarro – Guitar
Sean Noone – Guitar
Henry Sanchez – Bass
Mario Sevilla – Drums

Download the demo here.

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July 15, 2012 at 8:55 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol VII

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Here’s the final installment of this 7 part series.  Everything is from 1980.  Excellent soundboard recordings.  The Cork recordings are from April 13, 1980.

1. Hey You  ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
2. Waiting For An Alibi ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
3. Chinatown ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
4. Didn’t I ( 1980 Cork Soundcheck )
5. Are You Ready ( 1980 Cork Live )
6. Chinatown ( 1980 Cork Live )
7. Rosalie (Rose Of Tralee) ( 1980 Cork Live )
8. Waiting For An Alibi ( 1980 Cork Live )
9. Jailbreak ( 1980 Cork Live )
10. Don’t Play Around (5/29/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
11. We Will Be Strong (5/29/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
12. Sweetheart (5/30/80 Hammersmith Soundcheck )
13. Hey You (5/29/80 Hammersmith Live )

Download it here.

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January 24, 2010 at 1:04 am

Philip Lynott – Man and His Music Vol VI

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Installment 6 of 7 has some really cool demos.  One of my favorite of this series.  Huey Lewis on Parsienne Walkways!

1. Ghetto Woman (recorded for RTE Ireland: Ken’s Club Jan 8th, 1974)
2. Hate**
3. With Love** (demo version/different lyrics!!)
4. Parisienne Walkways** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
5. Black Rose** (demo w/Huey Lewis: harmonica)
6. Got To Give It Up** (different lyrics!!)
7. Toughest Street In Town** (different lyrics)
8. Don’t Believe A Word** (demo version)
9. Bad Habits*** (different guitar solo)
10. Baby Please Don’t Go*** (different lyrics)
11. Mama Don’t Like It*** (Someday She Is Gonna Hit Back … instrumental)
12.  Chosen One*** (Holy War/different lyrics)


CD is taken from a re-broadcast of different Irish Thin Lizzy radio sessions in a tribute show for Philip Lynott.

* Ghetto Woman was the first show ever recorded with Gary Moore in the band.
** Jan 22nd, 1978 Ramport Studios
*** Thunder And Lightning demos

Download it here.

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January 23, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol V

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Installment number 5 of 7.  Lots of Gary Moore on this one!

1. Rock Your Love (1/28/78 Ramport Studios) … cover says Rocklila
2. A Night in the Life of an Old Blues Singer (1/21/78 Ramport Studios — Long Version)
3. Ode to a Black Man (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
4. Spanish Guitar (DEMO version 2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
5. Cold Black Night (1/22/78 Ramport Studios)
6. Parisienne Walkways (Demo Version 2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
7. Are You Ready (Studio Version 2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
8. Black Mail (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
9. Waiting for an Alibi (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
10. Fanatical Fascists (2/1/78 Goodearth Studios)
11. Leaving Town (date unknown)

Download it here.

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January 22, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol IV

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Not my favorite of the collection, but still not bad.

1. Don’t Let It Slip Away (1982, unreleased version 1) — 7:42
2. Look What the Wind Blew In
3. Return of the Farmer’s Son
(2 & 3 from 1971 BBC session)

4. Going Down (live, unreleased)
5. Dublin (live)
6. Things Ain’t Working Out Down on the Farm
(4-6 from June 1973 RTE session)

7. It’s Only Money (alternate version)
8. Little Darling (alternate version)
9. Still in Love with You (different lyrics)
10. Jailbreak
11. Thunder and Lightning
12. Rosalie
(10-12 from 1983 Nuremburg, the last gig)

13. Hate (1982 unreleased)
14. Don’t Let Him Slip Away (1982, unreleased version 2) — 8:17

Download it here.

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January 21, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol III

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This volume is one of my favorites because of the last 3 songs.  Phil was very close to Huey Lewis and these 3 songs are the last 3 he recorded with The News right before he died.  Essentially they sound like The News with Phil singing but they are cool tunes.  This also has another fave of mine, Out In The Fields.   Oh, Spanish Guitar, Beat Of The Drum, Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer?  Damn!  Good stuff!

1.Nineteen (dub mix) – Philip Lynott (B-side of 12 inch 19)
2. Tennessee Stud – Phil Lynott with TERRY WOODS (of Pogues fame)
3. Whisky In The Jar (Thin Lizzy: live in Cork 4/13/80 w/Scott/Snowy/Midge)
4. Somebody Else’s Dream – Philip Lynott (B-side of Together)
5. A Tribute To Sandy – Philip Lynott
6. Beat Of The Drum – Philip Lynott (B-side of Old Town)
7. Stop Messing Around – Gary Moore (live: May 1985) w/ guest Philip Lynott
8. Out In The Fields – Gary Moore (live: Apollo? 1985) w/ guest Philip Lynott
9. A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer – THIN LIZZY (B-side of 12 inch 19)
10. A Merry Jingle – the Greedy Bastards! (aka The Greedies)
11. Daddy Rolling Stone – Johnny Thunders w/Philip Lynott
12. We Are The Boys (Extra Medley version)
13. Spanish Guitar – Gary Moore (1979 single) w/Philip Lynott on vocals
14. Can’t Get Away – Philip Lynott with The NEWS
15. Still Alive – Philip Lynott with The NEWS
16. One Wish – Philip Lynott with The NEWS

Download it here.

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January 20, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Philip Lynott – The Man and His Music Vol II

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Installment 2 of 7.  This one’s got some good stuff on it.  Memory Pain!


1.  Halfcaste (B-side of Rosalie, 1974)
(BBC In Concert session, 1975)
2.  She Knows
3.  It’s Only Money
4.  Still In Love With You
5.  Rock N Roll With You
6.  Baby Drives Me Crazy (cover says: Sha La La)
7.  Me And The Boys (B-side of Rosalie/Cow Girl’s Song, 1978)
8.  With Love (from the Jailbreak album)
9.  Just The Two Of Us (second single from Black Rose** album)
10.  Dublin — (early) Thin Lizzy (beefed up by Philip Lynott/Midge Ure, 1979/80)
11.  Don’t Play Around — Thin Lizzy (from 7 inch Killer On The Loose)
12.  Trouble Boys — Thin Lizzy (1981 single back by Memory Pain)
13.  Memory Pain — Thin Lizzy (1981 single back by Trouble Boys)
14.  Angel Of Death — Thin Lizzy (1981Hammersmith, bonus track on Cold Sweat, 1983)
15.  The Sun Goes Down — Thin Lizzy (extended version bonus track on single)

Download it here.

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January 19, 2010 at 7:08 pm