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I wish I could sleep…

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Friday night was essentially the last night I had a good sleep. I think I may be a little stressed about Friday’s show. Even though it is a group effort, this is my band, my baby; something that I have worked hard on since 2004. With Doug having no choice but to pull out for this Austin debut show at the last minute because of a medical issue, I was forced to find someone who could step in and do solos. Jason McMaster called his friend and Sad Wings bandmate Stuart Laurence (formerly of Agony Column) to see if he was interested. Thankfully he accepted the invitation and we did one rehearsal with him Sunday night and it went well. We ran through the set twice and he’s got it down pretty well.

We have a few nuances in how we do a few of the songs a tad differently than Motorhead and he needed to get used to those. Luckily I am playing with guys who are all more experienced than I am and will be able to manage just fine on stage. My drummer is a badass and a good friend.

My main concern is with Doug though. I want my boy to get better and he told me yesterday that he was improving. We have another show in December and there shouldn’t be any issues with his condition by that time.

One final rehearsal tonight without solos. I should be able to find some time to sleep tonight and tomorrow night. I need it desperately.


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October 29, 2008 at 2:40 pm

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