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My Life With Triumph

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I first heard Triumph in 1981 when Fight the Good Fight and Magic Power were on the radio quite often. I was hooked instantly and bought their albums when I could find them. They are still in my top 5 or 10 all-time favorite bands. There has been talk of a reunion. If it happens, I hope they do a studio album and not just tour. Rik Emmett = deity.

Triumph – 1976
Half of this album ended up on Rock an Roll Machine. For the non R&RM tracks, What’s Another Day of Rock and Roll is the standout. Not a shabby debut.

Rock and Roll Machine – 1977
I detest their version of Rock Mountain Way as well as the original. There are 2 versions of this album…one for the US and one for Caaaanada. The City and Little Texas Shaker are cool tracks from the Canuck version but I prefer the US track listing better. One thing that will become a theme throughout this review is my dislike for most of Gil Moore’s songs. This album is no exception. Rocky Mountain Way, the title track and 24 Hours a Day (credited to Emmett) suck.

Just a Game – 1979
This is probably my favorite Triumph album. Like most of their albums, this one has some goofy songs, but overall it’s a gem. American Girls (Moore) sucks. Standout tracks are Just a Game, Hold On and Lay It on the Line. This also included some fancy guitar work by Rik in the form of Fantasy Serenade.

Progressions of Power – 1980
I’ve always considered this a “WTF” album by Triumph. GOOFY. Standout tracks are Hard Road, Take My Heart, Woman in Love and In the Night. The rest of the album sort of blows. Friggin’ Gil Moore.
5/10 (Hard Road is AWESOME)

Allied Forces – 1981
This was a good answer to the crap pile that was Progressions of Power. Other than Fool for your Love and Hot Time (In this City Tonight), this album is pretty badass. Magic Power, Fight the Good Fight, Ordinary Man and Say Goodbye are brilliant. Even Gil Moore couldn’t ruin this one.

Never Surrender – 1983
This is a pretty good album, but a bit dark and moody IMHO. I love World of Fantasy, Writing on the Wall and All the Way. Overall it’s not one of theirs that I listen to regularly, but it’s not bad. It just never made it to a regular rotation. By the way, Too Much Thinking sucks (Gil Moore). ha

Thunder Seven – 1984
I never got into this album. While I love Spellbound and Follow Your Heart, the rest never caught on with me. It’s not a bad album but it’s another that I don’t regularly listen to.

Sport of Kings – 1986
I friggin’ LOVE this album. Yeah, it’s a bit cheesy (Somebody’s Out There) but I can’t explain why this one became one of my faves. I saw this tour with Yngwie opening as well. There’s not a bad one on here, not even Gil’s songs. Emmett’s soloing on this album was better than his average.

Surveillance – 1987
Another Triumph record that I never quite got into but I feel I should spin it again for old time’s sake. The one song that stands out on here for me is All the King’s Horses. The soloing between Emmett and Steve Morse is killer.

Edge of Excess – 1993
WTF? Exit Rik Emmett, enter Phil X. Too bad. I guess this album wouldn’t be so bad if they had changed their name. When I see the name Triumph on an album, I want to hear Rik Emmet.

Written by The Metal Files

December 21, 2008 at 4:45 am

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  1. Uh, yeah I have heard most of these albums and don’t remember much about them. I have always considered Triumph as that other hard rock trio from Canada and of course Rush are an “A” band and Triumph are more of a “C+” band.

    Metal Mark

    December 21, 2008 at 1:23 pm

  2. Cool breakdown. FM radio is responsible for my getting into Triumph in the first place. (Then again, FM was responsible for my getting into dozens of bands). “Fight The Good Fight” was played in Hartford, CT, just about every 30 minutes in the early ’80’s… and I never grew tired of it.


    February 8, 2010 at 9:54 am

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