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My Life With Judas Priest

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It was 1977 or 1978 when my brother brought home a copy of Sin After Sin and it was the first time I had ever heard of Judas Priest. I was already listening to KISS, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper so metal was no stranger to me. I listened to it often and it’s where my love for JP began.

Rocka Rolla – 1974
I like this album much more now than I did say 15 years ago but I don’t love it. Lots of good songs on here and really no stinkers.

Sad Wings of Destiny – 1976
I was never much of a fan of Victim of Changes and if I never heard it again I’d be ok with it. Tyrant, Dreamer Deceiver and Genocide are great. I love this album in general.

Sin After Sin – 1977
Anytime I put this album on I play it all the way through. I adore their version of Diamonds and Rust. In general, I think this was one of Halford’s best albums.

Stained Class – 1978
Another perfect album. This was the second album I heard by them and was hooked instantly. Every song on here is awesome, especially for 1978. I didn’t realize until today that Better By You was originally written by Gary Wright. If anyone has an mp3 of that, feel free to send it to me.

Killing Machine/Hell Bent for Leather – 1978/1979
Other than the silliness of Evil Fantasies, this is another great album by Priest. I could live without Delivering the Goods as well.

British Steel – 1980
Obviously the album that gave Priest their biggest notoriety in the states. It’s really a simple album riff-wise and the drums got dumbed down a lot (of course since Dave Holland joined on this one). This was the first JP album that I actually owned. I never liked United and really can’t stand to hear Living After Midnight or Breaking the Law. I played those 2 songs in bands enough times over the years to kill it for me forever. I do like Metal Gods and You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise quite a bit. This album was really the true beginning of their lyrical silliness.

Point of Entry – 1981
The album so many love to hate. I like this one quite a bit. Hot Rockin’ sucks. Period. Priest is definitely staying the course riff-wise when compared to British Steel.

Screaming For Vengeance – 1982
Ugh. I’ve caught grief over the years for my distaste of this album. I like the title track and Electric Eye the best. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ is OK, I’ve just heard it way too many times.

Defenders of the Faith – 1984
Ugh again. Other than Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (quite possibly my fave Priest song and they didn’t even write it!), I don’t really like this album. Is there another version of that song floating around by Mr. Halligan?

Turbo – 1986
Not bad in general. Parental Guidance is rather retarded and I don’t really like Wild Nights, Hot and Crazy Days or Hot for Love at all. Still, It was a tad better than the previous 2 LPs. Out in the Cold .

Ram It Down – 1988
Geez guys. What the hell? Blood Red Skies and Ram It Down are about the only ones I can stomach.

Painkiller – 1990
WTF? I hated it then and I hate it now. Sure, it’s heavy but it’s not catchy. I was excited that a local acquaintance had joined the band but they weren’t able to deliver an album that I wanted to listen to.

Jugulator – 1997
Other than Cathedral Spires, I don’t like this album. Like Painkiller, it is the lyrical equivalent of the writings of an an average 2nd grader.

Demolition – 2001

Angel of Retribution – 2005
It’s been 2 years already? Wow. Worth Fighting For and Angel are really really good songs. The rest of the album leaves me flat. Still, it’s the best thing they did since Point of Entry.

Nostradamus – 2008

Written by The Metal Files

December 25, 2008 at 1:52 pm

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  1. **grins**

    Merry Yule, dude!

    Nice post. I’ll come back to this one…

    I’m listening to Satyricon’s The Age of Nero at the mo. Great BM/DM.


    December 26, 2008 at 10:26 am

  2. I am not into Rocka Rolla, Turbo and the last four albums. I like the rest, but think their best period is from 79-84.

    Metal Mark

    December 26, 2008 at 12:59 pm

  3. As big of a Priest fan as I am, I’ve still never heard Rocka Rolla or Sad Wings of Destiny. I’ve only heard a few songs from Jugulator.

    I wouldn’t rate Demolition that low, but it’s definitely nothing to crow about Nostradamus was doomed by being a double disc. Pare it down and you’ve got a pretty good Priest album, IMO.

    Metal Misfit

    January 29, 2010 at 11:12 pm

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