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Purgatory – Tied To The Trax (1986)

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Not sure who I first heard this through and it really doesn’t matter.  I do know that they weren’t my discovery within PurgatoryFmy circle of friends but it was one of those albums that everyone seemed to love.  It was really too bad that they didn’t do a follow-up to this one.  I was happy to finally get a CD copy from Sentinel Steel Records about 15 years ago.

This is 80s speed/thrash metal at its finest.  It’s a great album front to back and was only officially released on CD via SPV/Steamhammer forever and a day ago.  Bill at Auburn Reocrds has said that he wants to re-release it but to date it hasn’t happened.  Auburn Records had a few good bands on it like Shok Paris, Breaker, Purgatory and Black Death.  Pity their bands pretty much wavered around in the underground.

But as I was saying, there’s not a bad song on this album.  The singer, Jeff Hatrix, ended up in Mushroomhead as J.Man I believe.  Shame, the dude had a phenomenal metal voice.

I highly recommend that you download and listen to it…over and over.


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  1. Great album! You can thank Poo John for that discovery! One day I will have an actual copy of this on cd and not a cdr…….one day…..oh yes!!


    August 14, 2009 at 7:42 am

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