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Bathory – Under the Sign of the Black Mark turns 25!

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Hard to believe that it’s been 25 years already.  It was through an old friend that I first laid ears on this album.  I remember that he had bought it on vinyl, probably at Tracks at Ward’s Corner in Norfolk, VA, but I don’t quite remember.

What I do remember is initially being terrified by what I heard on this album.  Not necessarily in the overtly satanic lyrics, but in the raw sound of music.  Poorly produced and performed, apparently all by Quorthon himself, this album and the band grew on me.  It was catchy.

I still spin this a few times a year.  It takes me back to the halls of Portsmouth Catholic High School in my junior and senior years (86-88).  Those were great times for music discovery and for the circle of friends I ran with.  There were also some dark times intermingled there and as music often does, it brings out emotions and memories of a lot of things.


I love all Bathory up to and including Hammerheart.  I tried everything after and it never did anything for me.

RIP Quorthon

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