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Hall & Oates Concert Review, Austin, TX 5/26/2013

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Hall & Oates came to town last night and played ACL Live at the Moody Theater.  I can’t state enough how much I love this venue.  I’ve been an H&O fan since I was a kid.  Like Chicago, H&O reminds me of listening to the radio in mom’s ’73 Chevy Nova.  AM Gold!  AM 13 WGH to be exact.

H&O has played Austin a few times since I’ve lived here but for one reason or another I’ve missed them each time.  Once I saw that they were playing ACL Live, I had to go.  I originally bought tickets on the presale and only got 2nd row balcony because I was buying Iron Maiden tickets at the same time…I do have my metal priorities, you know!  The next day during the actual ticket sale, I logged in just to see what I could get and ended up with 2nd rown down front, just off center.  YOINK!  I knew the show would sell out and selling my other tickets would be easy.  Thanks eBay!  I made a nice profit.

Before H&O came on, they had DJ Mel on stage.  I have an aversion to DJs in general, especially ones who remix stuff.  Sorry, don’t play Toto’s Africa or Michael McDonald’s I Keep Frgettin’ and put some scratching in it.  ‘wikki wikki wikki’.  Sorry.  I hate that stuff.  Just play the damned record.  The mostly “older” crowd there seemed annoyed by it, too.

After just a few songs, his gear gets hauled off stage and the band comes on to a standing ovation.  They opened with Out of Touch and went right into Method of Modern Love, which is one of my favorite tunes by them.  They had been recently paying Family Man in the #2 slot and changed it up for the show.  Otherwise their setlist remained pretty standard to other recent shows.

The band was solid and both Daryl and John’s vocals were great.  It was a really fun show, albeit seemingly short even with the 2 encores.  No bother, the crowd loved it and so did I.  Glad I got to scratch that one off my list.

One really cool thing happened at the very end of the show.  I was with my best friend Amelia and her husband Cody who was wearing a Frank Zappa shirt.  Oates was waving goodbye to the crowd, looked down towards us, saw Cody’s shirt and gave him a nod and a thumbs up.  I guess he didn’t like my Bob Seger shirt.  haha

Even from the 2nd row, my iPhone camera and personal camera suck!

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May 27, 2013 at 9:05 am

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