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On Meeting Director Ruggero Deodato

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Last weekend Austin hosted the Housecore Horror Film Festival which had a bunch of bands and some new and old horror flicks.  Other than Goblin being there, I didn’t have much interest in going.  Just not worth the price for me.

However, a pal of mine plays drums for Bloody Hammers (and Colossus) and BH was playing during the day on Saturday and got me in to see their set.  They were killer live and more palatable to me than their recordings.  It was good to see the guy but that’s only an aside to the cool meeting that happen.

One thing that I think that the festival did right was to have all of the merch booths/vendors in public areas so that you don’t have to buy the festival pass.  There were some really cool shirts posters and DVDs and all kinds of horror related stuff.  As I was about to leave the venue to head to band practice, I see an older gent sitting at a table filled with Cannibal Holocaust pictures and such.  Ruggero Deodato, director of that movie, was signing autographs and selling mini posters and stills from the movie.  I called my close friend back home and said, “Dude, you like Ruggero Deodato, yes?”  “Well, duh”, he says.  “Cool, I am standing next to him right now and will get you a signed poster.”  He squealed a little.

Deodato is Italian and Cannibal Holocaust is the only movie I have ever seen that grossed me out.  His accent was pretty thick and his English was good.  Somehow in our initial talk he mentioned that he spoke Spanish and German as well so I switch over from English to Spanish and we continued the rest of our conversation in Spanish.”  He thanked me for doing that as he said it was easier for him.  He was a super nice guy and someone that I’d love to dine and drink wine with.  He seems like he’d be a lot of fun.

See Daniel’s horror related site Celluloid Coffin.

Read more about Ruggero here.

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