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Christopher Cross Concert Review, Austin, TX, September 18, 2015

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Two nights in a row of yacht rock?  And with the guy who essentially created it?  Sure!  Probably should hand over my Metalhead Gold Card for a little while, eh?  No worries, lots of metal shows coming up!

I’ve been a fan of Christopher Cross since as long as I can remember.  Good easy smooth rock.  Ride Like the Wind is still such a fantastic song.  I took the decision yesterday to see the show and got a seat in the upper balcony of the famed Paramount Theater.  I had only seen Cross when he sat in with Michael McDonald a few years ago for Ride Like the Win.

The show opened with Got To Be a Better Way from his new album.  Never Be the Same was up next and he spoke a little about TV preachers, which was an intro to another song called Reverend Blowhard from his new album, The Secret Ladder.  Is this a 1989 metal show?

He played a mix of old and new songs split between 2 sets.  Of course Sailing drew a huge response.  I was really stoked to hear Thinking of Laura and Minstrel Gigolo which featured an appearance by Eric Johnson.  He mentioned that he and Eric had been best of friends since the 70s and I think it rubbed off on him.

It was a really good show and what I was most amazed by was Cross’ guitar skills.  The guy is a bit of a shredder.   I was blown away.  I’ll really have to go back and revisit his early catalog and give a better listen.  And of course his backing band was top notch.  His drummer and piano player especially.

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