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Rick Springfield, Loverboy & Romantics Concert Review, Cedar Park, TX, October 22, 2015

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I’ve been really busy with shows lately.  It’s wearing me out.  It’s wearing my wallet out!  This past Thursday brought some big 80s pop rock bands to the Cedar Park Center.  Let’s just dog right in.

The Romantics opened up and beyond one song, I never cared for them.  Their set was hampered by major sound issues but they plodded through it like pros.  Interestingly enough, three of the 4 guys are originals.  That’s pretty rare these days.  I always thought most of their songs sounded the same.    They were solid though.  The had a minor hit in the mid-80s with One In A Million and didn’t play it.  What?  The one song I wanted to hear, of course.

Loverboy came on next.  I always liked their radio hits.  Friendly safe pop rock, totally 80s.  They were the main reason I went.  I had never seen them and who doesn’t want to rock out with Mike Reno?  Loverboy is also 4/5 original.  Sweet.  Their set was pretty much what you’d expect except they didn’t play When It’s Over, which is a great song and was a decent hit for them.  Reno sounded great and I got to hear the other songs I wanted to hear, especially Turn Me Loose.  That song rules.

We only stayed for 4 songs of Springfield’s set as I had another show to see at a different venue.  I’ve done Everything For You was played second, so that made me happy. He sounded great, though.  That dude is 66 years old.  He was all over the stage and of course the girls in the crowd were going googoo over him.

Good time and glad I went.


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