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Satan Concert Review, Hollywood, CA, October 7, 2018

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With little to no sleep from staying up till almost dawn with Satan after their Frost and Fire IV concert the night before, Kelz and I scooped up one of my Austin friends and headed down to Hollywood to see them again at the famed Whisky A-Go-Go.  We dropped my friend off and headed to Pinches Tacos, which I love, and chowed down.  From there we headed straight to our hotel.  I was completely wiped out.  We checked in and slept for a couple of hours which still didn’t seem to be enough.

Alarm goes off and we get cleaned up and take a ride up to the Rainbow for some of my favorite pizza ever.  After checking in with Lemmy in the back and seeing some friends on the patio, we grabbed a booth and ordered a Jack and Coke (respect!) and a pizza.  Russ and Cindy from Tanith walked in and joined us for a pleasurable dinner.  Towards the end, new friend from Chile, Chris, joined as well.  The pizza was fantastic!

After dinner, I spent a few minutes with Steve Hopgood who drummed with NWOBHM band Persian Risk.  I had met him twice in the States when Di’Anno’s Battlezone toured with Obsession and Di’Anno’s Killers toured with Solitude Aeturnus.  It was great to chat for a bit.

From there I went straight to the Whisky for Satan.  The direct support band, Gravedanger, was playing.  I wasn’t much into it but saw some potential.  I went upstairs with a Coke and hung with some friends.  I figured a pit would happen during Satan and I wasn’t in the mood for it.

The show started and the pit broke out.  Kelz lasted down there for most of the show.  It was fun watching him take the abuse.  Satan’s 16 song set was a good mix of old and new material, including 5 from the new album, Cruel Magic.  The sound in the room was perfect and the band played effortlessly and seemingly flawlessly.  Brian’s interaction with the crowd was great.  Out of the 9 times I had seen them since 2014, the Whisky show might be my favorite.

Unfortunately, some drunk asses upstairs wouldn’t shut the fuck up for much of the set, but oh well.

After the show we said our goodbyes to the Satan and Tanith crews and some other friends and hit the sack.  Kelz had an earlier flight than mine so I just went to the airport early and hung out until my 1230PM flight.

Originally we were planning to follow them up to San Francisco and Seattle but it started getting a bit pricey and logistically dumb.

Hail Satan!


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October 10, 2018 at 4:06 pm

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