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Arsis (Bloodletting North America Tour XII) Concert Review, Austin, TX, October 17, 2018

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Last night marked probably the 15th time I’ve seen Arsis since their early days back in Virginia where I first became pals with mainman James Malone and the band.  I’m impressed more and more by the band every time I see them.

When the Bloodletting Tour got announced I was super stoked as Arsis doesn’t tour that often.  There were no other bands on the bill I cared about but that wasn’t going to keep me from going.  Generally I’m not into any of the bands they tour with.  haha.

Decrepit Birth was to be the headliner but apparently their singer broke his leg when stagediving and no one caught him.  So at least for the next few shows, Arsis is taking that spot.

It was an early show and upon arrival to the venue, I could already see that it would be grossly under-attended.  Unfortunate.  I met up with James and Noah from Arsis and caught up with them for a bit before they prepped for their set.  Pyrexia was just going on and Internal Bleeding followed right behind them.  I’ll just say that I’m not into that east coast NYHC bro metal stuff.  0%.

By the time Arsis went on, which was right around 9-915PM, the already small crowd had thinned out quite a bit but they still came out and played a killer set, opening the set with a Tricking the Gods from their upcoming LP Visitant which will be released November 2.  Too bad they’re touring without it in hand.  They also played Hell Sworn from the new LP.    Most of the set, however, weighed heavily from 2004’s Celebration of Guilt, which is an awesome album.  James kindly dedicated Seven Whispers Fell Silent to me whilst mentioning how far we go back.  That was pretty sweet.

Their full set consisted of 11 tracks and left the crowd and me wanting more, especially since it was still so early.  But their stuff is pretty intricate and intensive, so I get it.  A friend I met 2 weeks ago at the Satan show at The Whisky was in town for a conference and she showed up, too. So that was cool.

Long live Arsis and I can’t wait to get the latest album in hand!



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October 18, 2018 at 9:18 am

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