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Yngwie Malmsteen, San Antonio, TX, 10/4/08

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i first saw yngwie in 85 opening for triumph and was already a huge fan before seeing that show. i think this was my 8th or 9th time seeing him since then. i got what i expected.

now…the review…

packed house @ scout bar in san antonio. my guitar player and i went. he had actually seen yngwie with steeler back in the old days (bastard!).

nice venue, good sized stage.

opening act: ANJ from Moscow – they blew. kudos to them for being able to do a US tour but they were pretty awful. boring.

before ANJ played, yngwie’s drummer called me and asked me to meet him at the backstage door. we walked over and hung out with him for about 15 minutes or so. cool guy, always a pleassure to talk to him.

so the lights go back down after ANJ get’s their stuff off the stage and yngwie starts up. the sound was terrible…the whole night. owens commented on it several times. drums sounded like shit, could barely hear the keyboards or the bass (which is typical for an yngwie show).

owens sounded pretty good all the way through except on i’ll see the light tonight. he is a good frontman. he also used some cheat sheets to help with lyrics.

yngwie was yngwie. he played very little ryhthm guitar which is disappointing because he writes great riffs. his guitar tech was a bit of a dumbass. you had to see what was going on to get it i guess.

yngwie can still play his ass off. he looked a bit thinner than when i last saw him although i think the melon on his shoulders gets bigger, and i am not referring to his ego. but whatever, he shredded. he did some beautiful acoustic work.

his keyboard player stunk. just awful. i was a bit shocked. he’s had some fine key players over the years but missed the mark on this one.

i was also a bit disappointed that they didn’t do any new songs. i mean c’mon, the album comes out in 2 weeks, give us a preview!

here’s the setlist out of order:

rising force
cherokee warrior – yngwie on vocals
cracking the whip
demon driver
rise up
i am a viking – ripper sounded decent on this
i’ll see the light tonight – he sounded ok, got the lyrics wrong in the first verse. i’ll post the vid later.
black star
you don’t remember, i’ll never forget
gates of babylon
suite opus 4
some other instrumental

turn your volume down before starting this video:

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October 5, 2008 at 2:59 pm