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I will remember knocking on the cold side of your door

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That simple line hits hard. I don’t necessarily use it in context with the song but it’s deep. Fates Warning had a lot of stuff that just made sense, especially on the Awaken The Guardian album. This is my #3 favorite metal album of all time.

I was fortunate enough to get in to Fates on the ground floor when their debut Night On Brocken came out thanks to Kelz picking it up first. Early Metal Blade Records releases gave you about a 94% chance of getting something good. Fates was one of those bands. Their first 3 LPs are great, especially Spectre Within and Awaken The Guardian. The riffs were better, John Arch’s vocal melodies were brilliant, the songwriting was consistent and the lyrics were cool.

This album is brilliant front to back. There’s not a bad song on here. There’s not even a weak track. The albums brings you to emotional highs and lows. Not to many albums can do that to me. The song Guardian (see YouTube vid below) hits everything in one song. Emotion, power, sadness and then pumps you up at the end and leaves you sitting there in a cold sweat.

John Arch is in my top 2 or 3 all time favorite singers ever. His work on this album is untouchable. The way he harmonizes with himself and just some of his odd phrasing blows me away.

I urge you to see/listen to the other songs the YouTube user posted from this album and check the lyrics out here. Actually, just buy the damned thing if you don’t own it already. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

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September 3, 2008 at 3:12 am

They say that the night life, they say it ain’t no good life, but it’s my life…

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I listen to Thin Lizzy a lot…A LOT! I have an mp3 CD in my truck that has all of their albums on it. usually when that disc is playing I just keep it on shuffle mode, but when I want to hear an album in its entirety I put it on the Nightlife album.

Now, I’ve only been a Thin Lizzy fan for about 10 years or so; yes, I know it’s a tragic shame. I was just never exposed to much by them until about 1997. Besides their 2 US radio hits, Renegade was the only thing I had ever owned and I loved it, but still never had the urge to delve in deeper to their back catalogue.

Anyhoo, I come back to this album a lot. It’s very dark, sultry, bluesy (and I HATE the blues btw). When I hear this album I really feel like I am sitting in a smoke filled dive bar where no one in there is under the age of 45, no one speaks to each other, the bartender is reading the paper and everyone is just seeped into their own lonliness. Depressing, eh? It’s like a scene from the movie Barfly.

There’s a few upbeat tunes on here like It’s Only Money (Concrete Blonde did a great version of this), Sha-La-La and She Knows. But even those have an air of dank depression. Still In Love With You is the biggest “hit” on this one and became a staple of Lizzy’s live set.

This album is such a weird thing for me. It makes me sad and picks me up all at once. I think the combination of Phil’s soulful and sad lyrics mixed with the great production and guitar work just put my mind in a spin. It’s tough to explain.

Back in 1991/92 I dated this wonderful girl named Alicia. She was the coolest of the cool and in hindsight I probably should have married her; instead I broke her heart. She was very much into “my” music and she really loved this record. She used to call it “a great album to tap to.” She wasn’t talking about tap dancing! haha. So, I think it’s another reason why this album sort of brings me down; it reminds me of her and how great she was and how much of a shitbag I was to break up with her. For the record, I made amends with her (for my own good) a few years ago but dropped all contact, much to her dismay. Girls are funny. Why do they want to stay in touch with their exes?

Oh wait, this is about Thin Lizzy, yes? Right. Phil’s ballads have a way of striking deep emotions with me. It’s weird. I feel like I can relate to much of it. That’s generally the mark of a great songwriter, yeah? The ability to “hit close to home.”

here’s a lyric from “Dear Heart” that I love:

“He’d give his life, give his everything
To reach that goal and take that last and final fling.
But I guess it’s just another story in the greatest story
ever told
Dear heart, I wish that you could see that
Dear heart, you mean the world to me”

Here’s a vid for Still In Love With You:

Just go buy it already.

Written by The Metal Files

August 15, 2008 at 1:21 pm