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Dove – S/T

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Dove is a band that you only hear whispers of and really only in certain circles.  I had the privilege of seeing them at a club I worked for around 2005.  Sadly there were only about 20 people there.  No matter, Dove was great.  The lineage of this band is pretty heavy and goes something like this:


Ah, you know Floor and Torche?  Yes, same ones.  I saw Floor a few months ago during FunFunFunFest in Austin and they are playing here again Saturday…of course I am seeing them again.  Mammoth Grinder is opening and they are quality as well.

But back to Dove.  This album crushes.  It’s near the best 30 or so minutes you can spend listening to music.  Heavy, down-tuned, melodic, no song clocks in over 3:55.  The CD has long been out of print and apparently a vinyl reissue came out a year or so ago.

1. Thank You For Your Patience 01:52
2. Goes Without Saying 02:05
3. On a Mission 04:13
4. Red King 01:45
5. Neither Today, Nor Tomorrow 01:55
6. Twenty Three Twelve 01:56
7. Somewhere Between 02:33
8. This You Can Trust 02:11
9. Without Warning 01:54
10. You and I 01:42
11. Start Running Now 02:43
12. Never a Straight Line 02:52
13. Sight and Seen 02:40
14. See You Soon, Love Always… 03:55

Download here…and enjoy!

Here’s a vid of Floor I shot last fall.

Written by The Metal Files

April 27, 2011 at 7:26 am