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Urchin feat. Adrian Smith

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Like a lot of American kids, my exposure to the NWOBHM was Iron Maiden.  Sure I had heard Priest in the 70s but they urchin-300were pre-NWOBHM.  As a Maiden fan, I always loved Adrian Smith’s guitar work, songwriting and vocal abilities.  When the 10 Wasted Years video came out, they showed Adrian’s pre-Maiden band Urchin doing “She’s a Roller.”  A cool poppy sounding song, very British in its stylings.  I adored Adrian’s A.S.A.P. and always found it to be a refreshing and original album.

Last year I found a copy of the Urchin stuff on eBay for a mere $12!  I had to have it.  It’s a fun CD, nothing too crazy but it’s total Adrian Smith.  I always wished he’d do a follow-up to ASAP’s Silver and Gold.  Unfortunately we got Psycho Motel.  I have both of their CDs but haven’t listened to them in forever.  Perhaps I will one day soon…perhaps not (more likely).

Anyhoo…enjoy this trip down Adrian Smith’s memory lane.

  1. She’s a Roller
  2. Long Time No Woman
  3. Black Leather Fantasy
  4. Rock & Roll Woman
  5. See Right Through You (live)
  6. See Right Through You (studio)
  7. Walking Out On You
  8. Watch Me Walk Away
  9. The Latest Show
  10. Life Time


Written by The Metal Files

July 6, 2009 at 4:53 pm