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Joe Lynn Turner & Blackfoot Concert Review, San Antonio, TX, August 20, 2016

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I had a ticket and flight booked to see Joe Lynn Turner (JLT) at the Whisky in West Hollywood a couple of months ago and had to cancel the trip.  That was a major bummer.  That blow got lessened recently when Sean McNabb, bassist for George Lynch, mentioned to me that he was also playing with JLT and that they were playing in San Antonio.  Shortly after that Lynch show, the JLT show was announced.

Also announced was Blackfoot as the opener.  A quick check to see who was still in the band led me to their website which showed that they had no original members but were still managed by Ricky Medlocke.  Alright then.  I’ve never been a big fan fan of southern rock although hearing Strikes takes me back to being a kid as one of best friends, Petey, always loved that record.

After some time bouncing around San Antonio record stores, Rodney and I grabbed some dinner then headed to the venue to meet up with Matt who had tickets for another friend, Diego, and me.  The weather was complete shit.  The show was originally scheduled to be outside rain or shine but the rain was pretty heavy and it was moved inside.  Upon walking in, the place was packed, uncomfortably so.  I stayed inside for part of Seance’s set then just decided to wait out Blackfoot outside.  I could hear them perfectly and they were solid.  This new lineup had been together for 4 years.  It was weird after seeing them arrive to think that they were Blackfoot.  They looked like kids and 2 of the guys in the band were sporting mohawks.  Even prior to them finishing their set, I noticed some people leaving making comments about the lineup as they were walking out.

Then it was time for JLT.  I was pretty excited since I hadn’t seen him since he sang on Odyssey tour with Yngwie Malmsteen, one of my favorite concerts ever.  The band hit the stage to a thinned out crowd opening with the snippet of Over the Rainbow and going right in Death Alley Driver. The band was tight and Joe’s voice sounded great.  I Surrender and Power were up next.  The crowd was really into it.  Unfortunately they were plagued with some technical difficulties throughout the night but they worked through them and completely rocked.  Street of Dreams was a highlight as were Stone Cold, Spotlight Kid and Malmsteen’s Rising Force.  JLT has Steve Brown from Trixter on guitar and he was pretty damned good, even handled the Yngwie guitar solo pretty well.  It was a fun set.

After the show was the meet and greet with Joe.  It was inexpensive and I wanted Joe added to The Book.  They were letting us in 2 at a time and Matt and I went in together towards the end of the line.  Joe was very talkative and inquisitive about the patches on our jackets.  He was loving Matt’s Riot patch and mentioned how much he had loved that band since their early days.  I mentioned as I was pulling out The Book that I brought Riot’s Privilege of Power CD cover with me.  “Whoa, let me see that.  I haven’t thought about this one in years.”  I mentioned seeing the 1988 Yngwie show at The Boathouse and he said, “I remember that place.  A bit of a dump.”  Most bands say that.  haha.  We talked briefly about his time with Yngwie and both agreed that there should have been a second album with him on vocals.  While finishing up the signing and photos, I mentioned that he was my favorite singer for Rainbow.  I know that is not a popular opinion but whatever.  Totally true.  I like the Dio era a lot but it’s the JLT era for me any day.  He was also quite pleased to see the Odyssey album.

What a great show although I’d prefer not to see another show at this venue.



Kansas Concert Review, Austin, TX, August 20, 2015,

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The last time I saw Kansas was 2000 in Virginia Beach, VA when they were opening for YES.  We had lawn seats at the amphitheater and it was started raining cats and dogs during Kansas’ set.  It made the show less enjoyable.  When YES came on, they moved us in seats at the back of the covered area as the show was lightly attended.  I can’t say I enjoyed the show that much getting soaked like we did.

I got home from work yesterday around 5:30 and felt like I needed to get out and do something.  I went to the ShowListAustin website to see if there was anything to spark my interest.  The last 2 things on their list for yesterday were Weird Al and Kansas.  I’m no big fan of Weird Al so I looked up the Kansas show and there were plenty of tickets available.  I ended up in a box section all by myself which was just fine.

I’ve never been to the Long Center before and it was an average sized place with good sound.  The venue doesn’t allows bottles, cans or food inside, so they pour your drinks in a cup with a lid and a straw.  Seemed odd.

The band started promptly at 8PM with People of the South Wind and then when into Point of Know Return.  Let’s be clear, Kansas are not young folks.  Neither am I and their fan base surely isn’t young.  I was certainly in the top percentage of “younger” folks and I’m 45!

The band sounded great albeit slower than the recordings.  No surprise and no problem.  The new singer, Ronnie Platt, sounded great taking over after Steve Walsh’s 2014 retirement.

The setlist consisted mainly of songs from “The Best of Kansas” compilation with some additions.  Being in the box and not blocking any views, I stood up the whole show.

The highlights for me were Play the Game Tonight, Belexes, People of the South Wind and Hold On.  I love that song and it has always elicited an emotional response and last night’s version was no different.  Great song.  Enjoyable show over all and was over before 9:30 so us older folk can get to bed at a decent hour.  haha

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August 21, 2015 at 7:31 am