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Mexican Coke vs. American Coke

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So yesterday I am eating tacos at a little Salvadorian restaurant in my neighborhood at the end of my block and they carry Coke in 355ml glass bottles. I ordered one with my meal and the minute I tasted it, I noticed that it tasted different…better. I start reading the bottle and see that it’s made in Mexico. Reading the ingredients I noticed something was missing…high fructose corn syrup. I commented on it to the friends that were with me and they noticed the better taste as well. Seriously, it was like crack. I ordered another one before we left. My buddy says there’s a “corn conspiracy” going on in the states. I think he is right. Corn syrup is in just about everything. Corn lobbyists are huge in DC.

Anyway, the corner store carries them in a bottle. I’m drinking another one now. Damn this tastes great.

Try it if you can find it, you’ll love it.

Written by The Metal Files

March 1, 2009 at 9:08 pm