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Faster Pussycat Concert Review, San Antonio, TX, November 23, 2014

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useIMG_6921Night #3.  Oh man.  I got home from Houston yesterday and just flopped.  I got a decent nap in and got in touch with Xristian to see what time they were going on in San Antonio at Fitzgerald’s. He gave me the word that 11PM was the time and that I was on the guestlist. Sweet. I contacted a friend in SA and let her know about the show and that she could be my +1 and she accepted.

I got there around 930 after driving just over an hour to San Antonio and felt the wave of tiredness coming over me.  I didn’t know anyone there and the FP guys hadn’t shown up yet and the openers didn’t do anything for me.  Xristian arrived with his awesome girlfriend, Melanie, and we have a beer while waiting outside for the last opener to finish.  They finish and the band gets on stage around 11:15.  They open up with Jack the Bastard from the Whipped album followed by Cathouse and Slip of the Tongue.

The sound out front was absolutely terrible and it was obviously bad on stage as well.  There was a terrible hum coming from the mains and absolutely horrible feedback all night.  It was the same way during the Lizzy Borden show there a couple of months ago.  This place has notoriously bad sound.  The whole band was obviously having issues with the sound on stage.  They played 7 more songs and at the end of Babylon, they walked.  The sound was just f’n awful.  The soundman didn’t seem be trying.  It totally sucked for them but I don’t blame them.

Most folks there didn’t seem too phased by the show being cut short.  It was a small crowd, maybe 40 people.  Tough draw for a Sunday night in San Antonio, especially when the Cowboys had the late game.  Although a short set with bad sound, it was fun…it was also a very late night.  I’m running on fumes now, so goodnight!