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Megadeth/Overkill May 23, 1987

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One of the greatest concerts I have ever seen.  Megadeth on the Peace Sells tour and Overkill on the Taking Over tour.  Holy crap.  This actual date was the night of my junior prom.  I had a date set up and was set to take her to the prom…then this show got announced and I had to cancel.  I mean c’mon.  Megadeth & Overkill!  I hope she wasn’t too disappointed. Probably not.

When I met Mustaine in the summer of 2006, I told him that above story.  His reply was classic.  “Don’t use my concert as an excuse for you not being able to get a date, dude!”  haha.  Nice one, Dave.

The concert was incredible.  Period. Awesome setlists!

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April 4, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Megadeth/Volbeat/Lacuna Coil Concert Review, Austin, TX 3-03-12

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Motorhead cancelled their last remaining dates from Mustaine’s Gigantour because of some lung and throat issues that Lemmy was having.  What a pisser.  I love seeing Motorhead live and coupling them with Megadeth is a super extra bonus!  But no luck.  Get well, Lem.  Next time!

We missed Lacuna Coil completely and I wasn’t bothered by that at all.  Not a fan in the least.

Volbeat comes on and they weren’t what I thought I remembered listening to online.  It was just “happy fun rock”.  First few songs kind of reeled me in then every song after that started sounding the same.  I was over it

and couldn’t wait for them to stop playing.  Annoyingly they kept doing little 5 second spats of “Ace of Spades” and it was utterly annoying.  Then at the need of their set they broke into a Slayer snippet.  I thought it was silly.  But hey, when you need a crowd to get excited, what do you play?  SLAYER.  They’re singer was good, however, and reminded me a lot of Dave Maneketti of Y&T.  The only reason I even mildly wanted to check them out was because Hank Shermann of

Hank Shermann

Mercyful Fate fame was paying guitar for this tour.  Every once in a whole you’d hear a classic Shermann fill or something, but overall he didn’t do much.  Maybe just trying to pay the bills with them?  Who knows.  At least he’s doing something, eh?  Again, I was ready for them to stop.

Time for Megadeth.  I love them for the most part.  Sure, I stayed away from the Friedman era, but the albums they have done since 2000 have all been really good.  Dave Mustaine, as I have stated before, is one of the best metal guitarists on the planet.  No, you won’t get the neo-classical widdly-diddly stuff, but the man has chops and again tonight he was on.  The band sounded great, except for the drummer.  I’ll get to him in a bit.

Dave’s voice sounded good, his playing was fucking great and he just brought a really positive energy to the whole show.  Dave Ellefson did as well.  They both looked like they were having fun.  Throw a shredder like Chris Broderick in the mix and you’ve got a potent combination of musicians.  Mustaine and Broderick are from 2 totally different schools of guitar playing.  Chris is a technical shredder where Dave is just a true player and a riff machine.  You can feel the passion in his riffs and solos.  They were just great and I am so glad I got to see them again.

Now, on to Shawn Drover and his drumming.  I’ll go ahead and say it, Dave should find a better drummer.  Drover is such a stale and boring player.  I’ve said that since the first time I saw him in Megadeth.  Not to mention the dude doesn’t play a lot of the old stuff correctly.  Personally I think he ruins Peace Sells.  He’s like

Dave's Heavenly light?

the Matt Sorum of metal.  What a fucking bore!  Jimmy Degrasso was more interesting and even Nick Menza, who I also thought was stale, was a step up from Drover.  BORING!

The Megadeth setlist was pretty good, but as always I was hoping for some more older material.  I think

because of Dave’s religious convictions, we’ll never see Looking Down The Cross or the Conjuring live ever again.  Too bad.  I was also really hoping for My Last Words, but no luck.  They did play Set The World Afire, Peace Sells, Wake Up Dead and In My Darkest Hour.  Some of the other shows also got Hook In Mouth, but oh well.  They did mix the setlist up from all of the other shows which was cool.

Again, the band brought such a positive energy that you couldn’t help but get into it.  And you know what?


There, I said it.  For as much as Dave has never let go of being thrown out of the biggest “metal” band on the planet, I’d argue that he’s written better albums continuously than they have.  Popularity is one thing and Metallica surely has that game won.  But quality of music and musicianship is, in my opinion of course, Mustaine’s game.

It was such an awesome show and I can’t wait to see them again…and again…and again.


  1. Set the World Afire
  2. Wake Up Dead
  3. Hangar 18
  4. Trust
  5. Angry Again (dedicated to Alex Jones)
  6. In My Darkest Hour
  7. She-Wolf
  8. Public Enemy No. 1
  9. Whose Life Is It Anyways?
  10. A Tout Le Monde w/Christina Scabbia
  11. Ashes In Your Mouth
  12. Sweating Bullets
  13. Head Crusher
  14. Symphony of Destruction
  15. Peace Sells
  16. No Class
  17. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

Peace Sells...

A Tout Le Monde w/Christina Scabbia


Chris Broderick


Uncle Vick showed up!

"Said I was out with the boys..."

Thank you and goodnight!

It’s Black Friday, Paint the Devil On the Wall

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It was 12th grade (87-88) in Portsmouth Catholic High School.  I was in Ms. Harlow’s typing class and we had an assignment one day to type out something from memory be it a song or short story or anything.  She just wanted us to be typing.  I was heavily into Peace Sells by Megadeth.

I had decided to type out the lyrics to Good Mourning/Black Friday as it was fresh in my head and I knew it by heart.

We turned our papers in and the next day mine was redlined with some comments and corrections and a B- as a grade.  Ms. Harlow wrote at the top by my grade, “Do we need to discuss this?”  HAHAHAHAHA.  It was awesome.  I had that piece of paper forever but lost it in one of my many moves over the years.

Killer, intruder, homicidal man
If you see me coming run as fast as you can
Blood-thirsty demon who’s stalking the street
I hack up my victims like pieces of meat

Blood-thirsty demon, sinister fiend
Bludgeonous slaughter’s my evil deed

My hammer’s a cold piece of blood-lethal steel
I grin while you writhe with the pain that I deal
Swinging the hammer, I hack through their heads
Deviant defilers, you’re next to be dead
I unleash my hammer with sadistic intent
Pounding, surrounding, slamming through your head

Bodies convulse in agony, and pain
I mangle their face till no features remain
A blade for the butchering, I cut them to shreds
First take out the organs, then cut off the head
The remains of flesh now sop under my feet
One more bloody massacre, the murder’s complete
I seek to dismember, a sadist fiend
Bloodbath’s my way of getting clean

I lurk in the alley wait for the kill
I have no remorse for the blood that I spill
A merciless butcher who lives underground
I’m out to destroy and I will cut you down
I see you and I’m waiting for Black Friday
Turn me loose!

Killer, intruder, homicidal man
If you see me coming run as fast as you can
A blood-thirsty demon who’s stalking the street
I hack up my victims like pieces of meat

Blood-thirsty demon, sinister fiend
Bludgeonous slaughter’s my evil deed A merciless butcher who lives underground
I’m out to destroy you and I will cut you down

It’s Black Friday, paint the devil on the wall

I don’t know why she was worried.  haha.  RIP Ms. Harlow.

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November 25, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Slayer/Megadeth/Anthrax – Concert Review – San Antonio, Tx – September 25, 2010

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I can practically remember the show like it was yesterday.  Anthrax and Testament in 1987 at the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA.  Anthrax was touring for Among the Living and testament for The Legacy.  To this day it was one of the most incredible shows ever.  I had gotten into Anthrax in early 1986 when I found a used copy of the cassette at Unicorn Records (RIP).  I practically listened to that album every day driving to and from school.  Minus Persistence of Time, I loved the Joey Belladonna era of Anthrax.  When Bush came in, I was done.  He was fine in Armored Saint but not in my beloved Anthrax.  I was able to catch Anthrax with Joey on the State of Euphoria and Persistence of Time tours.  They were always great live.  I also caught them with Bush on the We Have Come For You All tour and it was a really good show.

When the American Carnage Tour was announced there was no doubt that I’d see the show.  The first leg of the tour had Testament as the openers.  That band never disappoints.  This current leg featured Anthrax with the newly re-re-reunited Joey Belladonna on vocals.  I was pretty excited about that since it had been since 1991 since I had seen him live.

I will say that even though I love…even adore Megadeth, I wasn’t too excited to see them this time since they are still playing Rust In Peace live.  I had just seen it 6 months ago.  But Megadeth always delivers.  And they did once again last night.  More on that in a bit.

So now the adventure of the day begins.  I grab my best friend Amelia and her boyfriend Cody and we shuffle down to the other side of town to grab my other best friend, McMaster and head to San Antonio.  Good conversation, good music playing and everyone is pretty excited about the concert.

We get to the show, check out the shirts which weren’t all that great so I got to save myself $40.  Jason had a floor general admission ticket and we had seats.  About 20 minutes before Anthrax hit stage we went to our respective sections and waited for the show to begin.  Our seats were pretty decent and we had quick access to the lounge area of the AT&T Center.

The lights go down at 6:55 and Jim Florentine from That Metal Show and Crank Yankers fame is on stage as he is the Jagermeister MC for this tour. He does 5 minutes of comedy about metal and such and next thing you know Anthrax hits the stage.

They come on and open up with Caught In A Mosh.  Good times.  Anthrax has always been a very tight band as far as their playing and last night was no exception.  A big part of that is because of Charlie Benante’s drumming.  He’s a beast of a drummer.  Anthrax only had a 45 minute set so they played the hits that you’d expect.  They also added in Only from the Bush era and it was alright.  It’s the only song from that era that I like.  I have to say how surprised I was of Joey’s voice.  He sounded great.  He hit the high noted pretty well.  Lucky for us it was only the second night of Anthrax being on the tour, so they were all still fresh.  They sounded great and I got a little choked up when they played Madhouse. Spreading the Disease, is such an important album to me.  I really felt like we flashbacked into the 80s for a brief minute.  It was nice to just forget all of the worries of today and rock out like I was 17 again when the only thing I had to worry about was doing enough school work to get by and play drums.  Simpler times for sure.  But again, Anthrax was great and I actually wish they would have been the headliner to get a longer set and play some deeper cuts.  being such a short set, I was only a slight bit disappointed that they played the 2 cover tunes, although they were big songs for them.

Anthrax’s setlist:

  1. Caught In a Mosh
  2. Got the Time
  3. Madhouse
  4. Antisocial
  5. Indians
  6. Only
  7. Metal Thrashing Mad
  8. I Am The Law

After Anthrax I head up to the lounge area behind our section to grab a coke and a hot dog.  A boy’s gotta eat!  Shortly after Florentine is on stage again and Megadeth hit the stage right after he walked off stage.  They open up with Holy Wars and the crowd was all over it.  People love the Rust In Piece album.  Me?  Not so much.  But they sounded great, as always.  Dave is one of the greatest metal guitarists ever in my opinion and he was great again last night.  The addition of Chris Broderick has been nice as well.  They did 5 other songs after playing Rust In Piece and sounded great except at the end of Peace Sells where Drover on drums couldn’t quite get his feet together.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a nerd and could overlook or not even notice such things, but I can’t.

Megadeth setlist:

  1. Holy Wars
  2. Hangar 18
  3. Take No Prisoners
  4. Five Magics
  5. Poison Was The Cure
  6. Lucretia
  7. Tornado of Souls
  8. Dawn Patrol
  9. Rust In Peace…Polaris
  10. Trust
  11. Headcrusher
  12. A Tout Le Monde
  13. Symphony of Destruction
  14. Peace Sells (encore)
  15. Holy Wars (reprise)(encore)

Now I’ll drop back a little in that during Megadeth’s second song, McMaster walks back to where our seats were and calls me down to the rail.  We were only 4 rows up from the floor.  He puts something in my hand and tells me to grab Amelia and Cody and meet him in the hallway right now.  I didn’t really even look at what he gave me and grabbed the other 2 and we walked out immediately.  Upon getting in the hallway I pull the wad of stuff out of my pocket and see that we were given Jagermeister VIP passes courtesy of Jim Florentine.  Hot damn!  We get escorted upstairs and ushered into a large VIP suite that had about 20 other people in it.  It was straight back from the stage.  It was stocked with beer, Jager (gross), Jager swag and food.  We were told to make ourselves at home and Jason introduced us to his pal, Florentine.

While I’m not the greatest fan of That Metal Show, he’s the bright spot on the show.  The dude is really a metalhead and absolutely hilarious.  You get the feeling that he’s “one of us.”  It was really pretty nice of him to give all 4 of us access.  It was totally unexpected  and a bit humbling.  Certainly I don’t deserve that sort of treatment but will not complain about it.  Thanks Jim!

So Megadeth finishes their set and Florentine goes down to the soundboard area and does another quick routine.  Shortly after he’s back up in the booth with us hanging out.

Slayer hits the stage and opens up with World Painted Blood.  For this tour Slayer was playing Seasons in the Abyss in its entirety.  I didn’t care too much for that album when it came and that tour was the only other time I ever saw Slayer.  It was also the last time that I was in a mosh pit.  My nose is still a little crooked from

Slayer's opening screen

that show!  I have a love/hate relationship with Slayer.  I love everything up to and including South of Heaven and a few tracks from Seasons.  Up until World Painted Blood, I just couldn’t get into any of it.  I tried, believe me.  I’ve bought every one of their albums and throughout the 90s and 2000s got rid of all of the post-Seasons albums.  The new one was a little bit of a return to their late 80s glory.  While it’s not great, I can stomach it.

With Slayer doing Seasons I wasn’t too excited about it, but hearing it live again had me pumped up a little bit.  I hadn’t listened to that album in 10 years or more and it felt weird knowing every word of an album that I had been slagging for 20 years.  After last night, I will call myself a fan of that album  now…minus the title track.  Still can’t get into it.  As for Slayer’s performance, they sounded awesome.  Tom’s voice was sharp.  He doesn’t headbang anymore because of problems with his back and neck.  No biggie.  Kerry and Jeff were solid.  Slayer has a unique sound and a unique riffing style.  Some time during their set, Jason and I looked at each other and both basically said the same thing…”They invented that.”  Lombardo was awesome.  He’s such a beast of a drummer.  I was fortunate enough to see and meet him when he toured with Testament on The Gathering tour.  It was cool hearing them to South of Heaven and Aggressive Perfector.  Slayer kicked everyone’s ass in the building last night.  I’m sure that’s a pretty consistent thing.  My only criticism of their show is that they got a little off in the intro to Seasons but they figured it out pretty quickly.  Slayer!

Slayer setlist:

  1. World Painted Blood
  2. Hate Worldwide
  3. War Ensemble
  4. Blood Red
  5. Spirit In Black
  6. Expendable Youth
  7. Dead Skin Mask
  8. Hallowed Point
  9. Skeletons of Society
  10. Temptation
  11. Born of Fire
  12. Seasons In The Abyss
  13. South of Heaven
  14. Raining Blood
  15. Aggressive Perfector
  16. Angel of Death

As I saw during the Iron Maiden show a few months back, they have a person on the floor behind the soundboard doing sign language to each band’s lyrics for the hearing impaired folks in the crowd.  Florentine was sitting next to me during Dead Skin Mask and I point the sign language lady out to him and say, “Dude, you gotta work this into your act.  Someone doing sign language to Slayer lyrics!”  If any of you faithful readers see him do this line in an upcoming act, you know where it came from!  haha

As always, it was a great night with great friends…the ones who came with me and the ones I ran into at the show.  Thanks again to Jim Florentine for his awesome act of kindness.

Let’s hope for a full blown Anthrax tour!

Florentine and McMaster

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September 26, 2010 at 8:53 am

MUSTAINE – A Heavy Metal Memoir Review

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It’s fair to say that I love Megadeth and have since I first heard them (Peace Sells album).  Mustaine is a riffmaster.  Period.  I will also say that the entire Marty Friedman era bores me senseless, including Rust In Peace.  While I can stomach that album a little better now, I detested it at its release and everything else Marty played on…and I like some of Marty’s other stuff.  Dragon’s Kiss is awesome! But back to the book and Dave.

Dave’s demeanor over the years is stuff of legend and he was kicked out of Metallica for good reason, even if done shittily (I made that word up).  Cripes, they were all kids, who knew how to fire someone properly?  I know I was let go from my first band shittily as well.

We’ve all heard how and why he was kicked out of Metallica and all knew that there has always been a lifelong jealousy over their success.  I can’t say that I’d feel any differently if it had happened to me.  Dave’s childhood is laid out in the book and it gives a good background about his personality and temperament.  His yearning to be better than Metallica is what drives him.  I’ll be the first to say that Dave won the battle.

A little background history on my personal Metallica v. Megadeth showdown.  I remember hearing Kill ’em All when it came out and hated it.  I hadn’t heard thrash before and it didn’t set well to my ears.  I was into metal but this was different.  It wasn’t until I had heard Ride The Lightning that I became a Metallica fan.  I adore that album and have since first laying ears on it.  Then Master of Puppets came out.  It was a letdown for me.  While there are some great songs on there, there’s plenty that, in my opinion, were sending them down the commercial road and by the time And Just For All came out, I was done with Metallica.  I still despise that album and can’t listen to anything from that release or subsequent albums at all.  Blech!

It was summer of 86 when I first heard Megadeth (click link to read about it).  I was hooked.  I immediately went back and bought Killing Is My Business and loved it.  Dave could write riffs, especially when doped up.  So Far So Good…So What! came out and while it was a little less sinister than the 2 previous albums, it had some good stuff on it.  Then, as noted above, the Marty era happened.  I was out.  It really wasn’t until The System Has Failed album came out that I became interested again.  I’ve loved every album since.

I guess I should get back in to the book review, eh?  It’s cool to read how certain members came in and out of the band, especially how Jay Reynolds of Malice was in the band until it came time to record SFSGSW and he couldn’t do the solos.  I never knew he was part of it or that Jeff Young was his guitar tech.  Malice seemed competent enough but I guess Dave knew what he was looking for.

Overall, I’ve always respected Mustaine.  Sure he’s a brash loudmouth and he will always be jealous of Metallica.  But from my point of view, I say that Dave won the battle.  No, he will never have the commercial success that his former bandmates have garnered, but he’s put out a helluva lot better albums than they have.  Dave’s twice the guitarist that Kirk or Hetfield are (although Hetfield has a helluva a riffing hand).  Dave should be able to rest easily knowing that, but he won’t.

His drug use was a bit of a surprise.  Yes, I knew about his heroin addiction even back in 86 when I saw the Peace Sells tour.  I had always assumed that he was a needle jockey but the book details that it was snorting and smoking heroin that was his preference and that he had needled up less than 10 times.  Not quite the same for Poland and Samuelson (RIP).  It’s also interesting about his friendship with Ellefson.  Band friendships can be tricky as anyone who’s spent time in a band can tell you, especially after breakups/firings/etc.  Money becomes a big factor as well.

It’s interesting reading about Dave’s acceptance of Christ in his life.  I like that he’s so open about it in the book, never one to shy away from controversy, eh?  Pretty cool.  I’m happy that he’s found some peace and that it seems to really be working for him.

Dave had a co-writer on this book, but you can tell that this is primarily Dave’s words in Dave’s language.  The co-writer likely just helped Dave string stuff out a little more coherently.  I highly recommend the book, even if you’re only a minor fan of Megadeth.  I was hoping for some stories about some of the bands they had toured with like Overkill and Sanctuary, but neither are mentioned.  Doro is mentioned briefly and it’s pretty interesting.  I was also hoping Dave would mention his brief relationship with Dawn Crosby (RIP) of Detente.  No luck.

I’ll share a story about Dave that I haven’t shared too often and it was something that made me respect him even more.  In 2006, Megadeth was in town for Gigantour 2 and there was a Bands (Team Rock) v. Crews (Team Roll) softball game earlier that afternoon.  To get into the game you had to bring some groceries for the local food bank.  I took off work that day and showed up early with an armload of groceries.  unfortunately only about 10 people

Dave Mustaine

Copyright Ragefoto 2006

showed up for the game.  It wasn’t really promoted well at all.  It was fun though.  After the game, the bands came out to sign some stuff.  Unfortunately Overkill wasn’t at the game that day.  When I got to meet Dave, I had him sign The Book and got to talk to him for a few minutes one on one.  He was cool, very gracious.  I asked him if he remembered playing at The Boathouse (Norfolk, VA – RIP) and his eyes lit up and he said, “Fuck yes I remember that place!  What a dump!”  I told him to look over the left field wall to see what was left of it.  “Holy shit!  I didn’t realize we were that close to that shit hole!”  Pretty funny.  I shook his hand, thanked him for his time and his music over the years and let the next guy have some time.

This is where the story gets interesting.  The next guy was this diminutive black guy.  I sort of knew him as he worked at the Walgreens by my apartment and knew that he was a HUGE metalhead.  Saw him at shows for many years.  I only mentioned his race as it relates to the story.  When he was talking to Mustaine, he asked him to sign his Megadeth ball cap on the visor.  Dave asked him his name and the guy replied with, “Sweet!  I’m Jake (can’t remember his real name).  Can you write ‘To my Heavy Metal Nigger’ on it?”

Dave instantly tensed up and pulled the guy aside from the few of us hanging around to talk to him privately.  I could overhear Dave’s conversation.  Now, Jake was an older dude, definitely older than me and likely older than Dave, but Dave was in charge here and let him know.  “I will not write that on your hat or on anything.  I’m really glad that you came out here to support but that word is not something that I want to be associated with, understand?”  Jake nodded and said it was cool and that the word didn’t bother him but understood.  Dave wrote something else in the hat, they shook hands and parted ways.  Dave came back by all of us, thanked us for coming and headed off.  It was very cool.

Long live Megadeth and I hope they continue to put out quality album like the last 3.

***Addendum (8/19/10):  One thing that the book didn’t really touch on was Dave’s thoughts about Gar’s death.  I really would have loved some insight as to how Dave felt about it when it happened.

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August 16, 2010 at 10:03 am