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Remember Me Now…I’m Motorhead

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In early 2004 my best friend and I started a Motorhead tribute band in SE Virginia called Capricorn USA.  Capricorn is one of my favorite songs and it’s one of Lemmy’s songs that he wrote about himself.  Always loved it because it sounded a bit unlike standard Motorhead.  The USA got added because there was already a band called Capricorn and even though we were just a tribute band, I didn’t want any issues to arise.  The original lineup consisted of me, Danile (Dizzo), Fast Chris and Filthy Fowler.  We practiced a lot and we were tight when we played live.  It was a pretty well-oiled machine.  I liked playing as a 4 piece because of the full sound we could get live, plus Danile and Chris could split up the solos.  They were both differently styled players and even though they both played solos pretty close to the originals, you could hear the differences in their techniques.  I loved it.  Chris and Folwer lasted for about 9 months before some differences arose and we parted ways.

Right before their departure, we were asked to be a part of an upcoming tribute album being put out by Steve Wensil of the Dead Kings.  None of the bands were allowed to cover Ace of Spades so we kicked around doing Mean Machine or Chase or Bomber.  With those two guys out of the band, I decided that instead of getting a drummer for the recording, I’d just do it.  I’m historically a drummer but hadn’t really played in years because of hand injuries, but I got in the studio and we knocked out Bomber and Chase with me doing everything except guitars, which Danile handled perfectly.  Steve let us use both songs on the CD but we had to do them under two different names, Capricorn USA and Phlemmy & Dizzo, because he didn’t want other bands getting mad for not being allowed to do more than one song.  I think we paid $100 per song to be on the album which was to get us several copies for our own use and to cover copyright and printing costs…although it never got properly printed because of copyright issues.  Bummer.

Danile and I decided to continue on and we found a guy named Juan who quickly became El Guapo.  He showed up to audition with a huge double bass kit that had all the shells filled with foam and triggers on the heads.  Playing-wise, we knew he was our guy but I told him the triggers had to go.  We’re playing Motorhead songs, everything has to be loud.  He didn’t like the idea but I offered to buy the heads and tune the drums and when he came back to start jamming, he knew it was the right decision.  We did some shows within the next year and always had a great response with both versions.  We were even listed on Motorhead’s website as the only USA tribute band, which was pretty sweet.

Danile parted  in early 2005 and that was it until I moved to Texas and reformed with band with Fast Doug Morrison, Jason McWurzel McMaster and Filthy AJ on drums.  We played some fun shows between 2008 and 2011 with some varied lineups because of illnesses, other gigs popping up or whatever.  Stuart “Batlord” Laurence from Agony Column and Ignitor sat in for a few shows on guitar when Doug was dealing with some health issues and Mike Soliz, singer of the mighty Militia, sat in on drums for a show.  The Texas version was a little more loose as we really only rehearsed if we had a show coming up.

Because of being on the Motorhead page, I was contacted by the producer of the forthcoming Lemmy movie and was asked if we’d film the band doing Ace of Spades.  They were going to piece together clips from tribute bands worldwide but ultimately none of the tribute band footage never made into the movie or the DVD release extras.

We basically disbanded in 2011 just because of time restraints and I was just a bit tired of doing it.  On the night of Lem’s death, a bunch of friends gathered at a local bar and drank all of their Jack Daniels.  Through the haze of the whiskey, another good friend, Jason K, said we should do a show at the bar on New Year’s Eve since they didn’t have a band.  He convinced his drummer, Chris, to do it and we did one rehearsal and knocked out 6 songs to a great crowd.

That’s the story of the band so far and click here to download the tribute album.



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January 17, 2016 at 12:56 pm

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December 28, 2015.  That’s the day that Lemmy died.

Official Motorhead posted that he learned of an “aggressive cancer” on the 26th of December and passed on 2 days later.  I’ve felt for well over a year of seeing him in photos and videos that he’d been suffering through it for quite some time.  The weight loss and frailness reminded me of my gramps who had pancreatic cancer and that’s my guess as well.  Not important, really.  He’s left us.

I read somewhere yesterday that most people have a Lemmy story.  I’m fortunate to have a handful of them, and all of them good.  You never really heard unkind words about Lemmy, even from people who weren’t Motorhead fans.

To say we were friends or even mere acquaintances would be a pretty big stretch of the truth, but the last few times I saw him face to face, he did recognize me and always made the joke, “How many times have I told you that you should have picked a better album cover?” referring to the Another Perfect Day tattoo on my back.  One of those times being at The Rainbow.  I’ll hold on to that.

I’m glad I got to see them 9 times since 1992 and I’m pretty sure some hearing loss is because of a few of the shows.

There will never be another one like him, you can count on that.



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December 29, 2015 at 3:59 pm

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Motorhead, Saxon & Crobot Concert Review, Austin, TX, September 1, 2015

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“Heart of a lion fight to the end
Run like the wind
Champions of champions, best in the land, you always win

Don’t fade away, don’t fade away
Run with your dream right to the end
Your spirit flies on eagle’s wings
Never coming down”
Fallen Heroes by A.S.A.P. (Adrian Smith)

Since last night this verse has been running in my head.

We all know the story by now that Motorhead stopped during their 3rd song, Metropolis, and that was it.

I’ve seen them 7 times in the last 12 years and each has been just a little more depressing than the previous.   I noticed in 2003 that his hand was shaking when not holding a jack and coke or playing his guitar.  It was more than just the shakes.  It looked like Parkinson’s disease to me, not that I can diagnose anything on anyone.  Lemmy’s health in recent years has been spoken of often…pacemaker, diabetes, altitude sickness, etc.  He has looked awful and in the last 5 years has gotten so skinny and more frail than ever.

There was tension in the air before the came on stage.  Anticipation of what was coming next based on recent events with the band in Salt Lake and Denver.

The band hits the stage and Lemmy gingerly walks on stage playing a few notes…”Alright?”  The crowd is excited…”We are Motorhead…”  Roars from the crowd.  “…and we play rock and roll!”  He sounded so weak…and old.  He’s 69 and looks every bit of it and more.

And then they went in to Damage Case.  It was slow.  So slow.  Lem’s voice was quiet.  He was barely playing the chords.  Stiff.  He looked like he was in pain.  They played Stay Clean next.  Phil and Mikkey more animated than normal, likely trying to draw attention from the elephant in the room.  Both songs were about 20% slower than recorded.

Then Lemmy is announcing Metropolis.  He mentions that he’s been sick.  Before the second verse started, Lemmy stops playing and says, “I can’t do it” and the band quickly exits the stage.

There were cheers for the band but there was also a hush over the crowd.  Chants of “Lemmy” and “We love you” were started.  A few minutes later, Lemmy comes out and says, “You are one of the best gigs in America, and I would love to play for you, but I can’t… So please accept my apologies. Next time, all right?”  Class act all the way.

Until next time is right, Lem.  Hopefully Saturday in Houston.

By the way, Crobot and Saxon also played.

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September 2, 2015 at 8:36 pm

Hawkwind’s Nik Turner

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While I’m not the biggest Hawkwind fan in the world, their albums Doremi Fasol Latido and Space Ritual are pretty massive records.  This years SxSW music festival brought Nik Turner in town to pay and he performed Space Ritual.  I wasn’t able to make the show but I did see him at the meet and greet the next day at End of An Ear Records.  He was a quite a nice and funny guy.  I had him sign The Book and snapped a few pictures.

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March 17, 2013 at 12:03 pm

Megadeth/Volbeat/Lacuna Coil Concert Review, Austin, TX 3-03-12

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Motorhead cancelled their last remaining dates from Mustaine’s Gigantour because of some lung and throat issues that Lemmy was having.  What a pisser.  I love seeing Motorhead live and coupling them with Megadeth is a super extra bonus!  But no luck.  Get well, Lem.  Next time!

We missed Lacuna Coil completely and I wasn’t bothered by that at all.  Not a fan in the least.

Volbeat comes on and they weren’t what I thought I remembered listening to online.  It was just “happy fun rock”.  First few songs kind of reeled me in then every song after that started sounding the same.  I was over it

and couldn’t wait for them to stop playing.  Annoyingly they kept doing little 5 second spats of “Ace of Spades” and it was utterly annoying.  Then at the need of their set they broke into a Slayer snippet.  I thought it was silly.  But hey, when you need a crowd to get excited, what do you play?  SLAYER.  They’re singer was good, however, and reminded me a lot of Dave Maneketti of Y&T.  The only reason I even mildly wanted to check them out was because Hank Shermann of

Hank Shermann

Mercyful Fate fame was paying guitar for this tour.  Every once in a whole you’d hear a classic Shermann fill or something, but overall he didn’t do much.  Maybe just trying to pay the bills with them?  Who knows.  At least he’s doing something, eh?  Again, I was ready for them to stop.

Time for Megadeth.  I love them for the most part.  Sure, I stayed away from the Friedman era, but the albums they have done since 2000 have all been really good.  Dave Mustaine, as I have stated before, is one of the best metal guitarists on the planet.  No, you won’t get the neo-classical widdly-diddly stuff, but the man has chops and again tonight he was on.  The band sounded great, except for the drummer.  I’ll get to him in a bit.

Dave’s voice sounded good, his playing was fucking great and he just brought a really positive energy to the whole show.  Dave Ellefson did as well.  They both looked like they were having fun.  Throw a shredder like Chris Broderick in the mix and you’ve got a potent combination of musicians.  Mustaine and Broderick are from 2 totally different schools of guitar playing.  Chris is a technical shredder where Dave is just a true player and a riff machine.  You can feel the passion in his riffs and solos.  They were just great and I am so glad I got to see them again.

Now, on to Shawn Drover and his drumming.  I’ll go ahead and say it, Dave should find a better drummer.  Drover is such a stale and boring player.  I’ve said that since the first time I saw him in Megadeth.  Not to mention the dude doesn’t play a lot of the old stuff correctly.  Personally I think he ruins Peace Sells.  He’s like

Dave's Heavenly light?

the Matt Sorum of metal.  What a fucking bore!  Jimmy Degrasso was more interesting and even Nick Menza, who I also thought was stale, was a step up from Drover.  BORING!

The Megadeth setlist was pretty good, but as always I was hoping for some more older material.  I think

because of Dave’s religious convictions, we’ll never see Looking Down The Cross or the Conjuring live ever again.  Too bad.  I was also really hoping for My Last Words, but no luck.  They did play Set The World Afire, Peace Sells, Wake Up Dead and In My Darkest Hour.  Some of the other shows also got Hook In Mouth, but oh well.  They did mix the setlist up from all of the other shows which was cool.

Again, the band brought such a positive energy that you couldn’t help but get into it.  And you know what?


There, I said it.  For as much as Dave has never let go of being thrown out of the biggest “metal” band on the planet, I’d argue that he’s written better albums continuously than they have.  Popularity is one thing and Metallica surely has that game won.  But quality of music and musicianship is, in my opinion of course, Mustaine’s game.

It was such an awesome show and I can’t wait to see them again…and again…and again.


  1. Set the World Afire
  2. Wake Up Dead
  3. Hangar 18
  4. Trust
  5. Angry Again (dedicated to Alex Jones)
  6. In My Darkest Hour
  7. She-Wolf
  8. Public Enemy No. 1
  9. Whose Life Is It Anyways?
  10. A Tout Le Monde w/Christina Scabbia
  11. Ashes In Your Mouth
  12. Sweating Bullets
  13. Head Crusher
  14. Symphony of Destruction
  15. Peace Sells
  16. No Class
  17. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due

Peace Sells...

A Tout Le Monde w/Christina Scabbia


Chris Broderick


Uncle Vick showed up!

"Said I was out with the boys..."

Thank you and goodnight!