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Motorhead – March or Die Concert Ticket

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This was my first Motorhead show and the only reason I even cared to go was because Mikkey Dee was in the band.  At this time I really didn’t give 2 hoots about Motorhead although I did like the 1916 album.  Daniel and I got to the show a little early and got to spend time with Mikkey and Phil Campbell (aka Zoom at the time for what he stated as legal issues with an ex).  It was cool because Mikkey remembered me from the year prior when we hung out on the Don Dokken solo tour.  I remember Wurzel being there and he signed my ticket stub, but he was really quiet and didn’t hang out with us.  This was also my first time meeting Lemmy.  It lasted all of about 9 seconds.  I handed him my 1916 cassette (!!!) cover and asked him to sign it.  He mumbled something unintelligible to me, shook my hand and I thanked him and walked away.

I didn’t notice until the other day that we had free tickets.  I’m not sure how that came about but I think Steve from Skinnies Records.  If so, thanks Steve!

Local band Sea of Souls opened up.  I will admit that I liked them the first time I saw them (not sure which show it was), but they seemingly opened up for every band that came through town and I quickly got sick of them.  When Motorhead hit the stage, it was pretty intense.  Mikkey brings a high level of energy to any band he is in.  Since this show, I haven’t missed a chance to see them live.  Mainly because of the drums but over time I became a fan of the band as well.   I’ve met Mikkey a few times since then and he’s always a class act.

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June 2, 2011 at 8:54 am

Motorhead – Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Admittedly I’m a latecomer fan when it comes to Motorhead.  The first album of theirs I ever owned was 1916 and had really only heard a few songs by them throughout the 80s, Ace of Spades being the main one and a few friends of mine and I used to joke on it pretty hard.  It wasn’t until getting exposed to them in the early 2000s that I really decided to give them a chance, mainly because a band that I was in decided to play Cradle to the Grave.  I had seen them live prior to this, but mainly just to see Mikkey Dee.

In 2004 when I decided to put together a Motorhead tribute band, I was listening to a lot of their 80s material and I think it’s a pretty strong decade for them, much stronger than the 90s and 2000s for sure.  The early version of the tribute band did 2 songs from 1987’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, the title track and Eat The Rich.  We only played them in a few shows and they fell by the wayside.  I’d like to add Rock ‘n’ Roll back to the set.  I really dig the mid-80s era stuff as it seems to be more melodic on a lot of levels than the 70s era.  For me, there’s not really a bad song on here.  Blackheart and Stone Deaf In The USA are 2 big highlights for this album.

I also love the album cover, one of their best for sure.

To the hardcore “Aces of Spades-on-back” crew, I know this is blasphemy.  And I’m ok with that.  In general I prefer that stuff too, but this is a quality album.

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May 27, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Motörhead Concert Review March 8, 2011 – Motörhead Day!

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We are Motörhead and we don’t have no class!

As many of my lovely readers may have heard from my previous post or via Blabbermouth, yesterday (March 8, 2011) was declared Motörhead Day in Austin, TX by our mayor.  Read yesterday’s post to get the precursor for this one.

I got off work and rushed home to get things together for potentially meeting Motörhead before their show.  I’m waiting on Dave and his son in front of Stubb’s and see awesome photog Jay West.  I tell him what’s going on and said I’d try to get him back there with us to get a photo of those guys with the Motörhead Day Proclamation (click for photo).  Dave and his son walk up and I send a message to my pal who works security for Motörhead.  He finds us outside and escorts to the “backstage” area of Stubb’s where Lemmy, Mikkey and some of the crew were hanging out.  This was right after their soundcheck.

Lemmy’s sitting at the door flipping through a food magazine and Mikkey stands up to greet us.  Phil was nowhere to be found, unfortunately.  Mikkey reads it then Dave tells me to give it to Lemmy for a read.  I explained what it was and he sat and read the whole thing.  He stood up and said something like, “This is neat.  I love playing Austin.  Thank you very much”  We shake hands and Jay snaps a few quick photos.  I mentioned to Lemmy about meeting him after the movie premier last year and mentioned my Another Perfect Day tattoo backpiece.  He said, “Ah yes, I told you that you should have picked a better album, right?”  haha.  “Yes sir, you did.”  Lemmy seemed tired and later that evening during the set, Phil mentioned on mic that he wasn’t feeling well, so Phil did much of the talking between songs.  Also, if you’ve seen the movie, read interviews or ever met Lemmy, he’s pretty much indifferent about stuff like this, but it was great that he and Mikkey allowed us to come back for a few minutes and share our joy with them.  Added bonus for me was getting Lemmy and Mikkey’s signatures in my book.  FINALLY!

So that was that.  Mikkey gave Dave’s son, Kameron, a can of Coca-Cola as we were leaving and he says, “I’m never opening this can…ever.”  Awesome.   I understand that sentiment as I still have an unopened bottle Heineken that Nicko McBrain signed for me in 1988.

Good times.  All of us were elated after this.  It was fun and glad that it all worked out for all of us.  I ran the book home and went to dinner with some friends.  I had no interest in seeing Valient Thorr again or in seeing Clutch.  I got back to the venue with about 4 Clutch songs left.  BORING.  I hadn’t listened to them in years and remembered why last night.  Oh well.  It was Motörhead Day and all I cared about was seeing Lemmy and the boys tear it up like they always do.

They hit the stage right at 9PM.  Lemmy opens by saying, “We’re Motörhead…and we play rock and roll.”  Then they go

Photo by Jay West

right into a great version of We Are Motörhead.  Great song to open with!  The band was tight throughout the whole show.  Phil was more animated than I had seen in the last few shows.  Lemmy’s tone and playing were awesome.  He’s very unique.  If you’ve seen the Lemmy movie DVD there’s a bonus section in there about how he plays his bass.  He’s usually playing power chords and it just gives his sound that much more grind.  At 60+, the man can still kick ass.  His voice sounded better than last year as well.  Then there’s Mikkey.  All you see is hair and hands and cymbals moving.  He was awesome as always.  Easily in my top 5 drummers of all time.  Motörhead rules live, period.

The highlight of their set for me was I Got Mine.  It’s from my favorite Motörhead album and it’s just a great song.  Of course they closed the main part of their set with Ace of Spades and Overkill was the encore.

Metal Dave from 2Fast2Die said before they went on, “What a crusty looking crowd.”  Definitely.  Motörhead draws folks from a lot of different crowds.  They are also one of the bands where it seems to be ok to wear their shirts when you go see them live.  It’s always been stated (right or wrong, silly really) that you shouldn’t wear the shirt for the band you are going to see.  Motörhead and Maiden seem to be exceptions to that rule.  I saw some nice vintage shirts there as well.

It was a great show and I’m glad it sold out.  Lem’s not getting any younger and no telling when his juice is going to run out…hopefully never!  Go see this tour!

There was one major thing missing…Their front of house sound engineer Hobbs! Where was he?  Talk about a crusty old bastard.  He rules!

Setlist as I remember it and a bit out of order:

  1. We Are Motörhead
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Get Back In Line
  4. Metropolis
  5. I Got Mine
  6. Over The Top
  7. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
  8. Rock Out
  9. I Know How to Die
  10. In The Name of Tragedy
  11. Just Cos You Got The Power
  12. Killed By Death
  13. Going To Brazil
  14. Ace of Spades
  15. Overkill

All photos below by Jay West Photography.  Click to enlarge.

Kameron, Dave, Lemmy, me, Mikkey (holding Motorhead Day Proclamation)

Phil and Lemmy

Lemmy and his signature Rickenbacker 4004LK Bass.


Phil Campbell

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March 9, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Happy Motorhead Day Austin, Tx! March 8, 2011

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A week or so ago Dave S. told me that he had asked an Austin City Council member to see if they’d be open to doing a proclamation of some sort Motorhead Day proclamation from the City of Austin Mayorfor Motorhead, who is playing Stubb’s BBQ March 8, 2011 (tonight!).  What a great idea!  I didn’t know if the Mayor of “The Live Music Capital of the World” would go for it, but apparently he did.  A gave a proclamation that March 8, 2011 is Motorhead Day in Austin.  How cool is that?

This city is probably the only one I could think of in the States that would do something like this.  It does show that they do care a little bit about keeping the music going here, even though they seem to try and find ways to keep it down.

Once Dave had let me know that everything was a go, he sent a copy of the proclamation and I sent it in to Blabbermouth who posted it pretty quickly after getting some confirmation that it was real.  I worked for a while yesterday evening to figure out just how Dave (and I!) were going to be able to present this to the band and after last night’s encounter with Mikkey Dee downtown, it looks like we can make it happen.

It was great spending a few minutes with him again.  I spoke to him for 5 seconds last year at the premier of the Lemmy movie but have hung out with him in years past (twice with Motorhead 92 & 2000) and once with Dokken in 1991.  He’s always a super cool and we talked about some of his past adventures with Dokken where he said, “We were so awful.”  I disagreed.  I had always assumed that he was on the Geisha album “Phantasmagoria” but he said he’d left to join King Diamond prior to the recording.  I had mentioned that his joining Motorhead was the reason I ever decided to give their music a chance.  he smiled and said, “Me too!”  It gave us a good chuckle.  We snapped a quick photo and he was off to another place to see some music and I needed to get home and go to bed.

Lemmy loves Austin and anytime he goes on the road in the US, he always seems to make a stop here.  That’s great for us!  Tonight is the show with Clutch and Valient Thorr.  It’ll be great to see Motorhead live again, they never disappoint.  I’ll get a review of the show up ASAP and hopefully will also have a story about delivering the proclamation to the band.

Me and Mikkey Dee

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March 8, 2011 at 8:48 am

They died with their boots on…

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So I have trouble finding comfortable shoes and have for about 10 years now. I tried several tennis shoes, dress shoes, combat boots, sandals…everything. No luck. Two weeks ago I went to a boot store here in town to get a pair of cowboy boots for my Motorhead tribute band. Lo and behold I found a pair that fit and are confortable. I have a coupon for 33% one item at the same place and will likely go back in and get a second pair. I think there’s a pair with a green/turquoise top in the same style, so I’ll grab those.

But believe me…my feet, legs and back feel better now than they have in years.

And no, you will not see my buying a cowboy hat too. I draw the line at boots and western shirts. no hats.

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December 19, 2008 at 8:13 pm

The weekend…

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Pretty interesting weekend. One of my good friends is in town for a few weeks so I get to see him a lot. Nyk is a great guy and it had been about 3 years since we last hung out. He came to our show Friday night and took about 1000 photos…literally. He’s a maniac! The show was great. I was a bit worried when we went on because there was only about 15 people there. By the end of our 2nd song the place was packed. It was pretty nifty. The crowd was very into it and the guy who books there is already asking us to do a headlining show in the next month or so.

The night started out great as a friend kept showing me her breasts all night. I almost felt like a rock star! haha. She has a nice set by the way. Too bad you probably missed it.

Another friend of mine tried to rush the stage when we were in the middle of a song. I swatted him down once and he tried again so he got a face full of my boot. That’ll teach him to try and get on my stage. Like Lemmy said one time, if you want to get on stage, get your own fucking band. Amen brother.

Saturday Nyk and I moved some boxes into my new apartment. I’m pretty excited about it now. I hurt my ribs and back a bit though. I’m getting old. It sucks. Hopefully we’re moving the furniture this coming weekend and i will be in there for good. It’ll be cool and it’s in a great location and uber convenient to downtown.

Sunday I packed up my CDs and moved them to the new place. That is a task in and of itself. I also watched the Steelers game. What a stroke of pure luck.

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December 8, 2008 at 4:29 pm

Halloween in Austin

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I’m excited. My Motorhead tribute band is playing its first show in Austin, TX on Halloween @ The Red Eyed Fly. We haven’t done a show since February 2006 in Norfolk, VA.

I have an all new lineup since moving to Texas:

Me – fat dude with a Rickenbacker
Doug Morrison – bad ass guitarist handling lead guitar duties
Jason McMaster – Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys, Watchtower, Sad Wings…playing rhythm guitar and backing vocals
AJ – of Thunderosa on drums.

Check us out –

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October 14, 2008 at 12:40 pm