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Happy Motorhead Day Austin, Tx! March 8, 2011

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A week or so ago Dave S. told me that he had asked an Austin City Council member to see if they’d be open to doing a proclamation of some sort Motorhead Day proclamation from the City of Austin Mayorfor Motorhead, who is playing Stubb’s BBQ March 8, 2011 (tonight!).  What a great idea!  I didn’t know if the Mayor of “The Live Music Capital of the World” would go for it, but apparently he did.  A gave a proclamation that March 8, 2011 is Motorhead Day in Austin.  How cool is that?

This city is probably the only one I could think of in the States that would do something like this.  It does show that they do care a little bit about keeping the music going here, even though they seem to try and find ways to keep it down.

Once Dave had let me know that everything was a go, he sent a copy of the proclamation and I sent it in to Blabbermouth who posted it pretty quickly after getting some confirmation that it was real.  I worked for a while yesterday evening to figure out just how Dave (and I!) were going to be able to present this to the band and after last night’s encounter with Mikkey Dee downtown, it looks like we can make it happen.

It was great spending a few minutes with him again.  I spoke to him for 5 seconds last year at the premier of the Lemmy movie but have hung out with him in years past (twice with Motorhead 92 & 2000) and once with Dokken in 1991.  He’s always a super cool and we talked about some of his past adventures with Dokken where he said, “We were so awful.”  I disagreed.  I had always assumed that he was on the Geisha album “Phantasmagoria” but he said he’d left to join King Diamond prior to the recording.  I had mentioned that his joining Motorhead was the reason I ever decided to give their music a chance.  he smiled and said, “Me too!”  It gave us a good chuckle.  We snapped a quick photo and he was off to another place to see some music and I needed to get home and go to bed.

Lemmy loves Austin and anytime he goes on the road in the US, he always seems to make a stop here.  That’s great for us!  Tonight is the show with Clutch and Valient Thorr.  It’ll be great to see Motorhead live again, they never disappoint.  I’ll get a review of the show up ASAP and hopefully will also have a story about delivering the proclamation to the band.

Me and Mikkey Dee

Written by The Metal Files

March 8, 2011 at 8:48 am

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  1. […] many of my lovely readers may have heard from my previous post or via Blabbermouth, yesterday (March 8, 2011) was declared Motörhead Day in Austin, TX by our […]

  2. Well now Motorhead and Leslie Cochran Day can be celebrated together… I guess.

    Camille DuBose

    March 8, 2012 at 2:34 pm

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