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Soul Asylum and Meat Puppets Concert Review, Austin, TX, October 23, 2015

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Not a huge fan of either band but in the early 90s I was working at a mall record store over the holiday season and Soul Asylum’s Grave Dancers Union was a huge hit.  After hearing the album nightly, I started to like it,  Never got into anything else by them but I do love this particular album.   Spying some of the setlists from the current tour, I saw that they were playing much of the album and decided to go.

The Meat Puppets were the opener and I don’t really know much about them beyond having covered their single Backwater in the early 90s.  I knew Lake of Fire from Nirvana’s Unplugged concert.  To be honest, I didn’t enjoy their set at all.  While they’re skilled players, their music does zero for me.  Plus they didn’t play the one song I cared about.  And yes, I’m totally that guy.  haha.  They did, however, do a cool cover of Seven Spanish Angels.

Soul Asylum comes on and opens with my favorite song, Somebody To Shove.  Dave Pirner sounds great.  His voice was strong and his band was tight.  They feature Michael Bland on drums who was in Prince’s band for much of the 90s.  They guy was awesome, of course.  Their set was pretty much as I had seen online and I had a great time.  I’d probably go see them again given the right bill.

Supersuckers Concert Review, Austin, TX, November 26, 2014

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useIMG_7017This is not the Supersuckers of yesteryear, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad show.  It was a fun show as Supersuckers are always fun, but it seems a little more tame these days.  It may be that I am a bit more tame these days.  Who knows?  Who cares, right?  On top of anything, this was a free show at The Belmont.  It’s not a bad outdoor patio venue at all, even better when it’s free.

Eddie and the boys take the stage, all with with Gibson Les Paul Goldtops.  That looked killer and they rolled thought an enjoyable set, notably leaving out Doublewide, which is one of my faves.  It was a decent crowd for it being the night before Thanksgiving, maybe 100 people.

Had a great time with pals Mark, Angelica, Mitzy, Ray, Sophie, J, Kristen and Ami.  The drinks were flowing for sure.

John Waite Concert Review, Austin, TX, November 3, 2014

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This won’t be a long review.  John’s played here several times in recent years and I kept missing it for whatever reason.  I almost missed tonight’s show as I neglected to add the show to my calendar.  Luckily a friend on FaceBook posted about it.  Then I couldn’t find my ticket.   Then found it.    Show was set to start at 8 and he was to play 75 minutes.

I’m tired and have been since the marathon of shows 2 weeks ago.  Seems that I have been going non-stop since then and there’s no slowing down for November.

John came on just a little after 8PM with a trio of songs by The Babys.  His voice sounded great.  He’s a bit of a wiry fella and moves around a lot.  Told some quick jokes and was pretty affable with the audience.  He played a mix of some newer and older solo songs as well as Bad English’s When I See You Smile.   Best of What I Got was slated to be played but they didn’t do it.  Apparently this was a one off show in between his normal opening duties for the current Pat Benatar tour.  They also played a Vince Gill cover as well as All Along the Watchtower.  The encore was Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.  I’m not a Zep fan in the least but I gotta say that John belted that out so impressively that he should contact Jimmy Page to do a flurry of Zep shows.  Holy crap the dude has the pipes.

His bassist was a complete badass as was the drummer.  One of the hardest hitting drummers I have ever seen but was as solid as could be.  The guitarist however, not so much.  Sloppy, choppy and for me, painful to listen to.  His riffing was fine, but when he went into his solos, it was just painful.  Either you can play those licks or you can’t.  Maybe he was having an off night.  I don’t know.  But overall the show was fun.  It looked like maybe 100 people showed up.