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Hey Doro! Nice Ass! Part II

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There is a story after the story about this night.
Please read this to understand the whole story of that night.
I was with Don, JRob and Mike for that show and we rode in Mike’s powder blue Ford Ranger.  Yes, it was powder blue.

But typically after we’d leave shows at the Boathouse, we’d drive through downtown Portsmouth, VA to County St and Commerce St in an area that we called “hookers row”.  After after the Sanctuary/Warlock/Megadeth show we ventured down to see some toothless hookers.  Mike and I were in the front of the truck and Don and JRob were in the back of the truck under the camper shell.  Mike pulls up to this tall nasty tranny hooker and the he-she starts talking, “Heeeeeeeeey, whatchoo lookin’ for tonight, baby?”  Very quickly mike says, “Hey, the 2 guys in the back of the truck have a $50 bill.”   That thing took off like lightning to the back of the truck and was trying to open the shell and get in with them.  “Heeeeeeeeeeeey…gimme that dat money!  I’ll make it worth your while…I’ll do all for of you for that!”  Don and JRob were trying to hold the camper shell flap shut and were yelling at us, “GOOOOOOOOOO!  GOOOOOOO!  Mother F’er GOOOOOOOOOOO!”  Mike and I were in hysterics.  That hooker tranny hooker was trying so damned hard to get back there with them.

Oh man.  I get tears in my eyes every time I think of that.

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May 2, 2009 at 7:57 am

Hey Doro! Nice ass!

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Yes, I said that to her, to her face even.  What a schmuck!  I was 18 and one of the first 5 people in line to see Megadeth, Warlock and Sanctuary(!).  We got there early because we wanted to be on the barricade at the Boathouse for the whole show.  We were so excited to see Sanctuary…getting to see Warlock and Megadeth was just icing on the cake.  But…this whole story is about Warlock.

So there we were in line when a van pulls up and Doro gets out with a few big body guard looking dudes flanking her.  She walks right by us and I was trying to think of something to say.  Being 18, my groin was doing most of my thinking at the time so I said, “Hey Doro!” to which she politely replied, “Jah?!” in her thick german accent.  I pulled the total Butthead moment and said, “uhhhhh…nice ass!”  Instantly in my head I said ‘d’oh!’  A big smile crossed her face and she said, “Oh, tank you!”  Man, I felt like such a dumbass.  I was such a dumbass.

But Warlock kicked total ass that night.  Now if you have known me for longer than a minute, you probably know that I am not a fan of metal bands fronted by women, save a few exceptions.  Warlock is one of those exceptions.

I remember it was right after meeting a former friend from high school in 1986, he introduced me to CK at the Triumph/Yngwie show.  Years later I ended up in a band with CK.  Good times, bad times…but back to Warlock.  So we were at CK’s place and I was flipping through his records and saw Warlock’s first 2 albums, Hellbound and Burning the Witches.  So he put on Burning the Witches and I was digging it.  Instant fan!  I proceeded to go out and buy those 2 on cassette as well as True as Steel a little later.

I remember reading in Circus magazine that they had a new one coming out called Triumph and Agony.  I picked it up the week it came out and loved it.  I still do.  It’s not as raw as the previous 3 albums, but it’s great.  Getting to see that tour was such a treat.  I think there were only a few people there who actually knew anything about Warlock (or Sanctuary for that matter) and we let them know that we were fans.  We were raising holy hell for them and they appreciated it.  Doro made several comments about “this group of guys over here who know what the hell is going on!  All of you should learn how to rock like these guys!”  Sure, cheesey stage banter but to a bunch of 17 and 18 year old fans, it was pretty cool.

I was pretty disappointed when they broke up after that tour.  Doro’s solo albums never did a lot for me but her debut, Force Majeur, was good enough to stay in my collection.

In order from best to worst:

  1. Triumph and Agony
  2. True As Steel
  3. Burning the Witches
  4. Hellbound

They played a good cross section of all of the albums in their set.  I was super excited when they went into “I Rule the Ruins”.

Doro has played San Antonio at least twice since I moved here and I should go the next time she plays.  Everyone says she still kicks ass live.

If you can find the Warlock: Live in London DVD, I highly recommend it.

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April 27, 2009 at 2:16 pm

Mike Howe? Where are you?

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Seriously.  Dude.  Please come out of retirement and rock out for us one more time.  I honestly don’t really care if you’re doing metal or some rock stuff, just grant us the privilege to hear that voice again.  Some of your counterparts did it like John Arch and Michael Kiske and their stuff sounds pretty good.  I know you still have the pipes.

I remember when I first heard Heretic’s Breaking Point and thinking, “Damn, this dude’s got a unqiue voice.”  I really liked that album too.  When I read that he had joined Metal Church to replace David Wayne (RIP), I was looking very forward to it even though I was a huge Wayne fan.

So Blessing in Disguise comes out and me and all of my metal friends were toally into it.  They had a video on Headbangers Ball regularly (Badlands) and went on tour.  When they rolled through my area of Virginia they did an in-store autograph signing at Tracks Records at Wards Corner.  So some friends and I pile into CK’s truck (Alice) and head out there to meet the guys.  They were super cool.  Small crowd to meet them but it worked out to our advantage.  Craig Wells and Mike Howe asked us to hang out after the signing to share some pizza with them.  How cool?!  So after the signing was completed, the band was allowed to get 2 CDs of their choice and then headed back upstairs for the pizza.  Kirk Arrington was sick as a dog, looking like death warmed over.  The other guys seemed healthy enough.  They were great fun that afternoon and it was an experience I’ll never forget for sure.

That night we headed over the The Boathouse in Norfolk to see the show.  It was Metal Church/Meliah Rage.  Both bands kicked ass.  We hung out with them again after the show outside of the tour bus.  I have a slew of photos somewhere that I need to get scanned in.

I ws looking forward to the Human Factor album but was greatly disappointed when it came out.  Honestly I cannot tell you the name of any song besides Date With Poverty and I really don’t even remember how it sounds.  I should revisit that one, eh?  When I saw Hanging In The Balance came out, I was pretty much disinterested and didn’t bother picking it up until years after its initial release.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by it.  Good production and the songwriting was good.  I think the production on Human Factor is what turned me off.  It seemed too muddy for me.

Shortly after the Balance tour, Mike was gone.  What a pisser that new was.  I remember reading an interview with him within the last 8 or 9 years and he said he’s hanging out in Kentucky or Tennessee doing carpentry work.  Wait, isn’t that what John Arch is doing too?

So please, Mr. Howe…please come out of retirement and give us one more.

Who’s behind the Door?

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I’ve always loved Zebra and considered them a severely underrated rock band.  I first heard them on the radio when I first heard Who’s Behind the Door on Norfolk’s K-94 in 1983.  I was instantly hooked

That debut album is pretty righteous from beginning to end.  Randy Jackson has a great vocal range and is a solid guitar player.  The album flows very well.

A year later they release No Tellin’ Lies which was not quite as strong of a release.  They had some minor success with the slightlygoofy song Bears (worst video ever?).  Sure, I like the song but it was a bit silly.

For me they struck gold again with their third album 3.V in 1986.  I bought the cassette at Roses department store for $6.99 and was immediately hooked.  It’s a very polished album and pretty radio friendly, but the hooks are there.

Zebra IV came out in 2003 and again they released another quality album.  Highly recommended if you’re even mildly a fan.

I was fortunate enough to see the 3.V tour in 1986.  I’ll never forget it.  Cold rainy night…torrential rain even…A former friend from high school didn’t want to go out in the rain and get his hair messed up(just kidding)  so i went alone.  I already had really bad hair back then so it was no big deal to me.  Plus it was $5!  FIVE BUCKS! (Ren and Stimpy reference).  The lineup Alcatrazz (post-Yngwie/Vai era), Rough Cutt (Duke Fame!) and Zebra headlining.  I think there may have been 100 people there if that.  It was at the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA which held about 2000 I think.  For some shows there they put the barricade up so only prople in the beer garden could stand in the area in front of the stage.  This was one of those shows.  So there I was wedged up in the front stage right corner between the speaker mains, the stage and the beer garden barricade.  My buddy Kirshon was standing behind me and was the only other person there that I knew.

Alcatrazz came on and was quite possibly the most boring band I have ever seen.  i swear I fell asleep standing up during their performance.  Some squid woke me up.  Then comes Rough Cutt supporting their Wants You! album.  I had that cassette and their debut and liked them a lot so I was familiar with their material.  They kicked ass.  Royally.  Amir Derakh was great.  He’s a killer guitarist, plain and simple.  They rocked from beginning to end and got a great response from a crowd that had no idea who they were.  Then comes Zebra.  Perfectly refined, in time, in tune.  They played a seemingly flawless set and mixed up the harder stuff with some acoustic songs.  Unfortunately they played a Zeppelin song or 2 but I suffered through it.  It was a great show.

Years later (1996 I believe) by wife at the time and I went to the va Beach Amphitheatre to see the Virginia Symphony tribute to Led Zeppelin.  Yes, I don’t like Zeppelin but Randy Jackson was fronting the band so I had to go.  We got 4th row center and got there pretty early.  of course I brought all of my Zebra CDs and Randy’s solo album CD.  Before the show started, I saw a woman walking around on the stage and she obviously was someone “in charge”.  So I left my seat and walked up to the stage and asked her if there was a way for me to meet Randy before or after the show.  She looked at me for a second and just said, “Wait here.”  Ten minutes later she came back out and said to come to the back stage gate after the show and Randy would come out.  Eureka!  During the show, Randy did a fine Robert Plan imitation.  It was a fun show, Zep fan or not.

So afterwards my wife and I are waiting for about 20 minutes by the backstage gate and out comes Randy, freshly showered.  I shook his hand, introduced my wife and me and talked with him for about a half hour.  It was an afternoon show so no one seemed rushed to get out of there.  I told him that I saw the 3.V tour and he said he remembered that particular show because of the rain and poor crowd attendance.  he signed all my stuff and was very appreciative of my “fanboyness”.  haha.  He stated that I was the first person out of the 20 or so shows to recognize him and/or bring stuff to get signed.  He was super cool.

In 2000 my former guitarist and I went up to Jaxx in Springfield, VA to see them.  Moderate turnout and a great show.  I got to meet Felix and Guy before the show and got permission to film it.  The picture came out great.  Unfortunately, something screwed up on the camera and no sound was recorded.  I was pissed.  I got to meet randy again afterwards and reminded him about the symphony gig from a few years prior.  He remembered talking to us and asked where my “pretty little wife” was.  I just said, “Ancient history, man.”  It was cool seeing him and the band again.  I hope to catch them again sometime.  On the way home (3 hour drive), Reggie fell asleep…and so did I.  He just happened to wake up right before me and yell.  I woke up just in time to steer away from hitting the entrance wall to the Monitor-Merrimac Tunnel.  Scary shit!

It’s unfortunate that they won’t allow their studio vids on YouTube.