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Cheap Trick Concert Review, Austin, TX 7/29/12

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Let’s face facts.  I was never really a big Cheap Trick fan although at some point or another I owned their debut album and Dream Police.  It’s not that I didn’t like them, to be honest, I think I’ve liked every song I have ever heard by them.  But for whatever reason I just never got in to them.  I believe part of that was due to my brother Robert’s lack of interest in them in 70s and I pretty much drew my musical tastes in those days from what he fed to me.  However I do remember myaunts Diane and Debbie liking them but we only saw them once a year when we’d visit Pennsylvania.

I saw Cheap Trick one time before in 1999 at the Hampton Bay Days Festival but I was pretty far back in the crowd and couldn’t really grasp the energy.  I also don’t remember the crowd being that excited either.  When tickets went on sale for last night’s show at The Moody Theater / ACL Live, I had to get tickets for it.  That venue is awesome and has been bringing in some great shows so far.

In the early 2000s, I was playing in a band called The Renegades of Sluts (this is not a typo) and we did She’s Tight and Hello/Goodnight in our set sometimes.  Good fun.  I’ve always loved She’s Tight and was hoping we’d get to hear it.  Perusing recent setlists for Cheap Trick’s Global Warming Tour.  Last night was an off night for them while on tour with Aerosmith and they played Dallas the night before.

When I can, I try to buy extra tickets to shows.  Sometimes to resell for profit and sometimes just to go ahead and get them on presale when maybe a friend isn’t able to do it at the time.  I bought 2 for this show and ended up asking my dear friend Molly to come with me a few weeks ago.  Perfect!

We get to the show and the opener is on.  I had no interest in seeing them after listening to a few tracks on Youtube earlier in the day.  Not my bag at all.  We hung around the lounge until they were finished.  Signs were posted around the venue stating that Cheap Trick would be on at 9.  We went and found our seats and were getting excited for the show.  Molly wanted to hear Southern Girls but they ended up not playing it.  I did get to hear She’s Tight, though.

The lights go down right at 9 am the band hits the stage opening with Clock Strikes Ten.  Zander was wearing a band leader type uniform and hat for most of the show.  Nielsen is dressed like he always dresses.  I don’t know what Peterssen was dressed like, but it was out there.  He had an Elton John thing going for sure.  Unfortunately Bun E. Carlos no longer tours with the band, but Rick’s son, Daxx, has been handling the live duties for the last 2 years and did a fine job.

They played a good set and the highlights for me were certainly She’s Tight, Oh Candy, The Flame (always loved this song), I Know What I Want and Borderline.  I was a bit surprised as to how many songs I recognized.  The great thing about their music is that every song is right around 3 minutes long, old rock and roll style.  The Beatles influence on them is overt and it’s a wonder I even like them due my my disdain for the Beatles.

Robin’s voice started a wee bit rough but got stronger and stronger as the night went on.  In The Flame, he nailed the high note at the end.  I was truly shocked.  He still has a lot of power in his singing.  While I’ve never looked at Rick as a stellar player, he’s certainly solid and entertaining.  He jumps around a lot for a man who is 65.  Tom Peterssen apparently invented the 12-string bass and he used a few different ones all night.  Of course Rick used about a dozen different guitars and an 8-string bass for one song.  The whole band was really good in general.

I did notice from our balcony set that there was a piece of paper taped to the floor in front of Zander’s mic that said “AUSTIN TEXAS”.  Rick wasn’t sure where he had played last night as he stated, “Where did we play last night?  Atlanta?”  Funny.  But I guess when you’re touring that much, things get blurry.  What a wonderful problem to have, eh?

During Surrender, Rick grabbed the hand of a little kid with a mohawk and yanked him on stage.  They handed him a ton of guitar picks and he was tossing them out to the crowd.  He also helped to sing the song with Robin and knew all of the words.  It was pretty neat thing to see.

After Surrender, they left the stage.  After about 2 minutes they came back on and played 3 more songs:  Dream Police, Gonna Raise Hell and Goodnight.

It was a great show and hopefully I’ll have another chance to see them again.  I also wish I would have taken the opportunities to have seen them more in the 80s and 90s.  Such is life.

One thing I thought was weird was that during the main part of the set, security made the people in the floor seats stay at their seats, no one was allowed at the stage at all.  They were hardcore about it.  If you don’t want people rushing the stage at a rock show, put up a barricade.  Easy.  I’ve seen them used at this venue before (Megadeth anyone?).  After the encore started, everyone rushed the stage and security didn’t try to gain control again.  I also noticed that the venue was barely 3/4 full, which I found a bit surprising seeing that the place only holds a few thousand folks.  I guess they’re just not that popular here.

Go see them if you get a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

“AUSTIN TEXAS” on the paper in front of the mic

I will be the the flaaaaaame

beauty and the beast

SxSW 2011 Quick Hits & Misses

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I’ll post reviews of some of my favorite happenings later, but here are some quick posts about some of this year’s SxSW happenings that I found.

  • Flatstock 29 – Flatstock is a poster art show where artists from all around showcase their wares andoffer them to the public for sale.  Since my first year of attending SxSW (2007), there has been a guy there named Brian Mercer who I think is an incredible artist and a helluva a nice dude.  I think I have bought a poster from him every year and got to see him away from the art show in a few clubs during the week.  I highly recommend his work, no matter if you’re a collector or you need some work done.  Check out his site:  Mercer Rock.  There were a lot of other good artists there but most made posters for bands I had no interest in.  Local artist Billy Perkins who sings for Butcherwhite was showing as well.  He has a current collection of works in process called “77”.  I picked up his Ace Frehely poster at FunFunFunFest a few months ago and this week picked up his Alice Cooper poster.  I love his style.  He also does band posters as needed.
  • Wednesday night I wanted to get into the Warbeast/Arson Anthem show at Emo’s.  The line was insanely long and none of the bands on the whole bill were really worth waiting that long for.  I can catch Warbeast again as they play Austin pretty regularly.
  • That same Wednesday I did get to catch Chicago’s Easy Action at the Ale House.  I had seen them a year or 2 prior and enjoy their brand of garage punk rock.  I met up with my friend Diane Kamikaze from WFMU.  We met last year at VoiVod and became fast friends.  She’s awesome and I’m glad I got to see her and her friend every day during the festival.
  • I did get to see quite a few bands throughout the week that just didn’t do a thing for me.  I won’t mention any by name but here’s a photo of one band from France that was pretty terrible except for their drummer.  The caption should read, “My shorts are more FuBu than yours!”  They were a ‘metal’ band, by the way.  Luckily most of the other bands on the bill saved the night.
  • People watching during SxSW is pretty interesting.  The influx of hipsters and gutter punks is crazy.  The hipsters seem to enjoy wearing vintage 80s “fashions” that really don’t fit.  I don’t know…most of what I see on them looked bad back in the 80s and still looks bad now.  I guess everyone’s got their thing, that just isn’t mine.  I’ll stick to my 80s looks of black t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots.   I at least wash my hair and bathe regularly.  It’s also cool meeting some of the foreigners who attend the festival.  After seeing the Bobby Liebling movie “Last Days Here“, I ran into some guys from Japan who were commenting on the patches on my jacket.  I told them I was seeing Loudness pretty soon and one of the guys pulls out his travel case with a 25th anniversary Loudness sticker on it.  He mentioned that their new drummer is a friend of his.  We had a quick discussion about Japanese metal and then parted ways.  The saw me again on the street the following night and handed me a CD of some J-Pop stuff.  Nice guys.
  • Street food/food trailers are a big thing in this town nowadays and even more so during the festivals.  Simms’ BBQ trailer at the corner of 7th and Red River is top notch in my book.  Their pulled-pork sandwich with pickles and onions really tastes like a McRib.  At least this is real pork.  Everything from this place is good.  The other usual suspects did me right as well like The Hot Dog King, Kebabalicious and Jackalope.  I did hit a veggie burger place yesterday that was pretty awful.  I hadn’t eaten since the previous day and there was no line there…I now know why!  I could not add enough pickles, spicy mustard and bbq sauce to drown out the nasty drabness of that burger.  Lesson learned.  Besides eating the street food, I am pretty sure I managed to lose some weight over the last few days.  I did tons of walking and my feet and knees are aching, but it’s a good thing.
  • Saturday morning I was able to catch The Rods at Cheapo Records at 11AM.  While I’ve never been a fan of them, I wanted to go see them for posterity’s sake and to get the book signed.  Mission accomplished.  Their set was lively and some of their true fans were there and that was great to see.  They were solid, I’m just not a big fan of their style of hard rock.  Their bassist, Gary Bordonaro was really good though.  I ended up seeing Gary and Carl Canedy on the street later that night as they were loading in for another gig downtown.  Apparently Wendy Dio was in attendance for that one!  Pretty cool.
  • I got to run into a few folks that I’ve wanted to meet for a while.  On Friday I ran into Wino from St Vitus at Scoot Inn and snapped a quick photo with him.  Dude’s a legend.  I didn’t make the Vitus show that night but heard it was good.  earlier that day I went to the D’Addario showcase and to see The Alex Skolnick Trio.  It was a fun show and Alex is a damned good player.  He was giving out free copies of his latest CD.  Repping for D’Addario was Frank Aresti from Fates Warning.  Oh man.  I’m a freak for early Fates Warning and especially the John Arch era.  A friend of Frank’s told me he was going to be there so when given an oppurtunity I chatted with him a bit, snapped a photo or 2 and got him to sign the book as well.  He told me a little about the upcoming album with John Arch and how John’s vocals still sound the same after 25 years.  I can’t wait for it to come out.  Before leaving I got to snap a show with both Alex and Frank.  That will be a moment cherished forever.
  • The Texas Guitar Show was pretty weak.  Much smaller than last year and I’m sure the economy has a lot to do with that.  Nobody was making deals either.  I did find one 80s Fender Jazz bass that I was interested in and he had it listed at or slightly above book value.  I offered a few hundred less and he said “all prices are what they are.”  Fine, I put my credit card back in my wallet and moved on.

All in all this has been a fun week.  I’m super tired, my feet and knees are killing me, I think my liver stopped working and I think I could go without seeing another band for a good week or 2…but I will make one more trip out this evening when Danava plays again.  They were my highlight of the festival along with spending time with Pentagram, both of which I will post about later.

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March 20, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Bullet (Sweden)

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Jason McMaster turned me on to these kids from Sweden a week or so ago and I just ordered the CD.  If you’re into AC/DC, Krokus, Accept etc, this is the band for you.

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December 15, 2009 at 6:59 pm

Thin Lizzy – Are You Ready? DVD – Live 1981

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I’ve had the bootleg version of this 1981 Rockpalast show for many years and am glad to see that it’s finally coming out 135474-largeofficially.  It’s a great show.  It always made me giggle that the bootleg had Angel of Death listed as “Desaster”.  It made me giggle even more to see that the official version kept the title the same.

If you like Thin Lizzy, this is a must have.  Snowy White on guitars with Gorham.  Lots of cool tracks on here too like Memory Pain(!!!), Got To Give It Up, Hollywood, Desaster and Chinatown.  Can’t wait to get the official version in my hands.  Release date in the USA is November 10, 2009.

1. Are You Ready?
2. Genocide (The Killing Of The Buffalo)
3. Waiting For An Alibi
4. Jailbreak
5. Trouble Boys
6. Don’t Believe A Word
7. Memory Pain
8. Got To Give It Up
9. Chinatown
10. Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
11. The Cowboy Song
12. The Boys Are Back In Town
13. Suicide
14. Black Rose (Roisin Dubh A Rock Legend)
15. Sugar Blues
16. Baby Drives Me Crazy
17. Rosalie
18. Desaster
19. Emerald

Buy it from your local indie record store or online at  Great prices and always free shipping.

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November 6, 2009 at 9:27 am


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To be truthful, I’m still only a relatively new fan of Motorhead.  I never really checked them out in the 80s and never motorheadowned anything by them until the 1916 album, which I love.  I first saw them live in 1993 and really only went to see Mikkey Dee and got to hang out with him quite a bit that day.  It was seemingly a down time for them as the Peppermint Beach Club in Virginia Beach, VA may have been half full.  I’m glad to see that their popularity has gone back up in the last decade or so.

It really wasn’t until the last 10 years that I started digging deep into their repertoire and became a fan, especially of the Fast Eddie/Philthy era.  One of the first ones that I bought was the debut album, Motorhead.

I can see why a lot of the punk crowd digs this album because it really is a punk record IMHO.  I love it and it’s easily in my top 5 Motorhead albums.

Train Kept A-Rollin’ notwithstanding, this album is almost perfect.  I never cared for that song after hearing the Aerosmith version my whole life.  Blech!  But the title track, Lost Johnny, Vibrator, Keep Us On The Road, IRON HORSE/BORN TO LOSE!!!  C’mon!  Those songs are great!

Oddly enough, though, I don’t think this album gets enough credit.  Granted the production isn’t the greatest and it’s not really a heavy album, it shows their roots quite a bit.  When people ask me what I recommend to start them off on a band, generally I tell them to start at the beginning and work their way up and this is especially true with Motorhead.  The transition from this album to Overkill is perfect.  Getting the On Parole version is worthwhile as well.