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You could be a king but it don’t mean a thing…

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…if what’s in our hearts remains unspoken.

Adrian “H” Smith is a freak of nature. Twice this week his songs have gotten into my head unprovoked by outside influences. Once with Wasted Years and just a few seconds ago with You Could Be A King. The latter song is from the 1989 album Adrian Smith and Project (ASAP) “Silver And Gold”. It was really a brilliant album and I try to recommend it to any rock fan, no matter if you’re an Iron Maiden fan or not.

It’s one of those albums that I put in the player and don’t take out for a few weeks. There are no songs to skip. What’s more amazing is the drum work by Zak Starkey, the son of Ringo Starr. Ringo should take lessons from his boy…really.

Lyrically it’s pretty good, too. Adrian always had a way of doing heartfelt songs sort of like Rik Emmett’s songs in Triumph when compared to Gil Moore’s.

Unfortunately this CD is out of print so maybe I’ll post it later for download. It’s worth it. There are a few songs here that you can check out. Unfortunately my original autographed copy was stolen a few years ago. My current copy is a bootlegged re-release from a few years back.

Hooray for ellipses!

Written by The Metal Files

August 19, 2008 at 5:15 pm

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  1. […] of the things I liked about this is that some of the songs ended up being recorded by Adrian under his ASAP project.  I love that album and wish he would have done a […]

  2. […] the classic Maiden era were Maiden’s best songs.  He’s a talented guy and I loved his solo album, but what I am hearing on here doesn’t have the classic “H” feel to it.  Of […]

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