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My Life With Mercyful Fate

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I got into Mercyful Fate after my introduction to King Diamond’s solo work, Abigail specifically. His voice took some getting used to but coupled with the brilliant guitar work by Denner and Shermann, I grew to love them. As most know, Mercyful Fate flaunted the whole Satan worship thing. While that sort of thing never really bothered me, there are a few tracks of theirs here and there that still give me the willies.
Melissa – 1983
What a haunting album. The production is pretty thin but this album is absolutely incredible. The weakest track is Satan’s Fall and only because it’s a tad too lengthy. The title track is so very dark and just oozes evil. My favorites are definitely the title track, Curse of the Pharaohs and Black Funeral.

Don’t Break the Oath – 1984
Easily one of the most evil album covers ever…at least to me. To be honest, I keep the CD cover facing inwards. Yes, I know, silly. But whatever. This album has some better production than Melissa and while the songs are very strong on this one, I generally still listen to the debut first. Standout tracks are certainly Come To the Sabbath, Welcome Princes of Hell (album was misprinted to read Princess of Hell), Night of the Unborn and Desecration of Souls. Gypsy sort of annoys me and The Oath still creeps me out. Mission accomplished, King!

In the Shadows – 1993
This was a reunion album of sorts sans Kim Ruzz on drums. While I like this album a lot, I rarely listen to it. Egypt is a badass tune. There are no real stinkers in the bunch but the new version of Return of the Vampire annoys me, mainly because I detest Lars Ulrich (who played on this track) so much.

Time – 1994
Enter Sharlee D’Angelo and Snowy Shaw on bass and drums, respectively. Sharlee is a Ric player and even though I wasn’t a Ric fan at the time, I remember him using one on the tour. It was a great show and I got to hang out with Sharlee and Snowy before and after the show. I like this album a tad better than In the Shadows. I love Snowy’s drum style. Nightmare Be Thy Name is a great tune and was the opening video I played when I had my own little local cable access metal show in 98 or 99. One of the ladies I worked with at the time saw the show (late nights) and confronted me at work with, “Are you a Satanist?” I replied with “I don’t know, Marianne, do YOU think I am?” I let off an evil laugh and walked away. She didn’t speak to me again for the new few years she worked there. Hilarious.

Into the Unknown – 1996
Ugh. This album just wasn’t necessary. It’s boring. Under The Spell and Holy Water are pretty decent, but in general the album is weak.

Dead again – 1998
I’m glad I was working for Metal Blade Records at the time because I got this one for free as a promo. Mike Wead (Candlemass, Hexenhaus, memento Mori etc) was brought on to replace Michael Denner. I really don’t remember much of the album if any at all.

9 – 1999
This album was a little bit better than Dead Again. I can certainly hear Wead’s guitar influence much more which is a good thing. I saw this tour at the 930 Club in DC with nevermore opening. It was a fun show and I got to spend some time with Mike Wead before and after. Great guy, badass guitarist. Last Rites, Sold My Soul and Kiss the demon are my faves.

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June 20, 2009 at 4:41 pm

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  1. A very cool breakdown on these albums… Lars Ulrich on Return of the Vampire always had me asking why? myself, from all I have read, King Diamond and Metallica go way back… Very cool anecdotes that go along with your list too. Metal does not make anyone into a Satanist, heck, I saw Stryper live once, that never made me “born again”. Very funny coworker story, just another naive person that has no clue.

    In Metal – Stone


    June 20, 2009 at 6:29 pm

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