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HAMMERON – Nothin’ To Do But Rock

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Here’s one that I don’t really have any connection to but up until this week has been sitting in my collection for a few years.  Hammeron hailed from Chicago and the singer, Brian Troch, sang on the first 2 releases by Cyclone Temple.  Apparently he did a stint in Znowhite as well, who of course became Cyclone Temple, so the math works, eh?

This is not a great album by any stretch of the imagination but if you liked that dude’s voice on the CT stuff, you’ll dig this probably.  Straight up US metal.

When I saw Cyclone Temple in 1994(?), he was already out of the band.  Didn’t matter.  They were awesome live.

This never came out officially but I picked it up from Europe as a bootleg on CD.

Download it here.

Written by The Metal Files

February 23, 2010 at 5:41 pm

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