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Faster Pussycat Concert Review, Houston TX, 3/7/2013

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I’m on temporary work assignment in Houston and saw last week that Faster Pussycat was playing right up the street from my hotel.  I’d seen them a couple of times before including being able to open for them in 2003 when they were on tour with Pretty Boy Floyd and Enuff z’Nuff.  That was a fun night for sure. On to last night…I had been sick all day and laid up in my hotel room from diverticulosis.  Lucky me.  By dinner time, I was feeling a little bit better and had enough energy to go and grab a bite to eat.  I drove up the road to find the venue after dinner and hung out in my truck for a little while trying to decide whether I was going to go in or not.  Ultimately (and obviously) I went in.  Quite an interesting crowd at this north Houston venue.  The groupie girls were definitely in full effect, most of whom are really past their prime.  Sorry ladies, you’re looking rough these days.

While sitting there wading through some opening bands who were so horrid that they shall remain nameless, Danny Nordahl, bassist for Faster Pussycat, walked in.  When we played with them in ’03, he and I talked for a long time, mostly about Thin Lizzy.  The custom guitar picks I was using at the time had Phil Lynott on them and I gave him one, since he said he was out of picks.  Last night I mentioned to him about that show and he said something to the effect of ‘you’re the dude that gave me that guitar pick with Phil on it.  I still have that!’  Sweet!  We hung out for a few while the last opener was clearing the stage and then it was showtime.

They were slated to go on at 10:30 but ended up being closer to 11.  I was getting really tired but I stuck around for for about half of the set.  Taime was his typical self.  His voice sounded pretty good and the band was pretty solid.  I think my favorite thing about the show was that Taime held an unlit cigarette in his hand the whole night.  It was quite funny.

Faster Pussycat is one of the few “hair bands” that I like and their first 3 albums are pretty good.

I stayed for 6 songs, but could only recall 5.

Written by The Metal Files

March 8, 2013 at 8:20 am

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