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Red Lamb Concert Review, Austin TX 3/9/2013

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I’ve been an Anthrax fan ever since I found a used copy of Spreading the Disease on cassette at Unicorn Records in 1986.  That tape was in regular rotation in my old 66 Nova 4dr and subsequent Ford Ranger for many years.  I’ve worn out countless copies.  Seen them 6 times since 1987 and they always rocked it live.  The John Bush era really never did it for me but the one time I saw them live with him, they were good.

In the last year or so, Dan Spitz, former lead player of Anthrax, has been working on a new project called Red Lamb.  I’ve always like Dan’s solos and was happy for a chance to see him play live…and of course to have an opportunity to get the book signed.

I got to the show in north Austin around 10pm and pretty much just hung outside during the opening acts.  I just wasn’t interested.  I think it was sometime around midnight that Red Lamb hit the stage.  I had listened to a song or 2 online and while it’s not my kind of rock, it’s not bad.  Dan’s solos make it worth it for sure.  Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen) had recorded the drums on the album but unfortunately didn’t tour.  The touring drummer, Kevan Roy was just fine.  His footwork was pretty impressive.  Don Chaffin handled the vocals duties and sounded good.  Bassist Alan Goldstein (Aghora) was pretty awesome to watch.  While not needing to be very busy with this type of music, you could still see moments of the dude’s talent.  C’mon, he’s in Aghora!  No slouches in that band.

And then there’s Dan.  His playing was sharp and his solos were quite awesome, as expected.  He certainly seems like a quiet guy, very reserved and I imagine that the heart attack and subsequent triple bypass probably slowed him down a bit.  He didn’t speak much and talked about this tour being done to help promote Austism awareness.  He mentioned that his twin sons, Brendan and Jaden, both have the condition and that the song Puzzle Box (co-written by Dave Mustaine) was about his family’s daily struggles.  I can’t even begin to imagine.

They cut 2 songs from the end of their set.  There was plenty of time left.  One they finished, Dan promptly got off stage and went straight to the bus.  There were only about 20-30 people there.  So no meet and greet time.  I hung out for a bit after to see if he’d come out and was talking with the bassist.  I asked is he could get Dan to sign the book.  I had some CD covers in there as well, but told him that the book was most important.  He took the stuff on the bus and came out a few minutes later with everything signed.  What a champ!  Alan was a super nice guy, too.  He said, “Dan said thanks a lot for coming and for bringing some stuff to sign.”   I’ll take that!  I went home right after that…driving through a deluge for 20 miles.

It was a good time.  Go see the tour!

My pics suck horribly.  The lighting was awful and so is my camera.

Written by The Metal Files

March 11, 2013 at 10:17 am

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