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Dirkschneider Concert Review, San Antonio, TX, January 27, 2017

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I’ve been slack on my reviews lately.

Friday night Udo’s band called Dirkschneider came to San Antonio on their Back to the Roots Tour.  Udo stated that this is the last time he’ll do any Accept songs ever again.

We had to arrive by 6PM for the pre-show meet and greet and it was a crowd of about 30.  I brought all of my Accept vinyl and “The Book” only to be told as we were going in that we were allowed just 2 items each.  I recruited some people in line around us to help get stuff signed.  Many were just there for the photo op.  I appreciated their help and bought them all a beer once inside the venue.  When it was my turn I had Fitty originally from the German band Bullet sign the Book and also had Rodney’s Bullet LP.  He thought it was great to see and Udo and his son teased him about the photo on the back.  As he was signing the book, I asked him to just across the Bullet entry as I’d likely never meet anyone else from the band.  He said, “That’s right because they’re all fucking dead!”

Udo signed the Book and whatever Accept album I had in my hand and we did a quick photo.  I mentioned seeing U.D.O. at Jaxx with Raven about 15 years or so ago.  “That was a fun tour.”  Nice fella.

We were ushered back out of the venue and we went to grab some food.  Jessikill opened the show and we caught maybe their last two songs.  Recently reactivated 80s San Antonio metal band, Syrus, was up next.  They played a solid set of older and newer songs but the sound man was doing them no favors.  Awfully mixed out front.  Other long time SA band, Byfist, was next and played a solid set.  They’ve got a strong fan base.

And then Dirkschneider.  They opened with Starlight, Living for Tonight and Flash Rockin’ Man and the crowd was singing along to everything.  The band was tight and at 64, Udo’s voice sounded absolutely fucking stellar.  How is that even possible?  He was spot on.  Then London Leatherboys came on and the crowd went nuts, including me.  They played song after song from the back catalog and I don’t think any album was left out except for the debut.  They played 24 songs in total and his voice never wavered.  Just perfect.  It was a joy to hear all of those classics live and his band executed them perfectly.  I would have added the song Russian Roulette, but it didn’t matter.  It was a great show.

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January 30, 2017 at 11:21 am

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