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On Meeting Bassist Hal Patino of Maryann Cotton/King Diamond

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Found out at the Udo show that Hal Patino’s new band, Maryann Cotton was playing downtown Austin on Sunday afternoon at Key Bar.  Weird spot for it but whatever.  Hal played for King Diamond beginning on the Them album.  I was fortunate enough to see that tour in 1988 at the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA.  Great show!

I parked and walked to Key Bar and got there before the band showed up.  A local rock band was playing at the time.  After the band loaded in, they were just hanging out smoking and I walked up to Hal and asked if he would mind signing some stuff.  “Show me!”  So I whipped out The Book, a couple of CD covers and the Conspiracy album cover and he signed them all and took a photo with me.  After I took everything back to my vehicle, I went back and bought a round of shots for the band.  All great guys.  Maryann is Hal’s son.

Maryann Cotton went on while the sun was still up and played a good rock set of mostly originals and a few covers.  Robert Wagner, son of legendary producer Dick Wagner, is friends with the band and did a song with them.  It was totally fun and that W 6th St crowd seemed confused about what was going on.

Would definitely like to see them again.

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January 31, 2017 at 2:43 pm

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