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Uli John Roth Concert Review, San Antonio, TX, February, 11, 2017

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Just another typical Uli Roth concert?  Hardly.  One major difference was that John West is no longer in the band.  I thought that he did a fine job with them.  His replacement was the third guitarist from last year’s show, whose name I don’t recall.  He was on bass now after the passing of Elliot Rubinson.  Wow, can this guy sing.  I noted in the review from last year’s show that his backing vocals we stellar and his was great.  There is only one Kalus Meine and both John West and this guy are fine performers.

This tour is dubbed Tokyo Tales Revisited and they played a great selection of Scoprions classics throwing in a couple of deeper cuts like Yellow Raven, Hell Cat and I’ve Got To Be Free.  Overall a great setlist minus the Hendrix songs.  Not much more to say except that Uli is still incredible and his touring band is great.

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February 13, 2017 at 9:52 am

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