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Apparently I am the worst bassist in Austin!

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as implied by a drummer we auditioned last week. he certainly has some issues of his own to deal with…

wow, im really dissapointed i havent heard a word from ya, so i thought i would drop a line. i aint mad, im glad really, but i thought i would share my thoughts with you about it. i dropped a line to your bass player a week or so ago, from which he never responded. kinda fucking rude aint it? well, i didnt think it went that bad, but i understand i guess. i know your a good guitar player but im looking for something a lot more creative and original. i do think its riduculously selfish for sean to not respond to my letter at all, he is a terrible bass player, no creativity or chops to speak of. im insulted by his lack of response really. i wont take any shit from people who have no business playing music. i merely stated i had a good time jammin, he coulda said hey, me too or naw, you suck or whatever. his carpen tunnel that keeps him from drumming must also keep him from typing i guess. whatever, i don’t treat people this way. i don’t stand for being treated that way either.

we are all busy people, i took the time to drive all the way over and wait for some dude who cannot even say thanks… how typical… i have no time for bullshit or trust fund babies. you already know this about me.

i gave you a shot because you seemed like a real person. i know you are busy, i have no problem with that. i also know it doesnt take two seconds to send an email saying thanks for coming, i will get back with you as soon as i can or no, its not gonna work. if somehow yall feel your beyond me, i don’t get it. but i am too busy as well to tolerate this kind of bullshit.

thanks for nothing. and don’t bother… all your songs that i have heard sound the same anyway. i guess what im saying is if you were really any good, you wouldnt have any trouble finding players, i certainly don’t. you obviously settled for that bass player! this town is filled to the brim, with people who appreciate others and the efforts they put forth.
good luck with yours!

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September 30, 2008 at 11:34 pm

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It’s no secret that I think McCain and Obama are just typical gears in the Socialist machine that this country is sliding towards ever so quickly. It pains me greatly.

Today’s failed House vote on the bailout was stupid. No, I don’t think the gov’t should create more false debt to keep the economy from falling through the floor, but there are times when I think it may be the best thing to do…for the moment. provisions need to be set to have this fake money repaid by these institutions within 3 years. I don’t necessarily fault the banks for this, I blame the retarded American public who went out and got loans that they couldn’t afford after 3 or 5 years because they didn’t read the fine print. Yes, I know there were some lenders out there that likely did some unscrupulous things to make these loans but the ultimate responsibility lies on the consumer. When I signed my mortgage papers in 2000, the broker got rather upset with me because I sat there and read every damned line of every damned sheet I was signing. “Can you do this any faster, please?” she said. I stopped and said, “Do you want me to just rip this in half and go somewhere else?” Yeah, that’s right.

More important than the actual President and VP are the Representatives that you send to DC. Research your Reps. and find out how they voted. They are the ones making the decisions that affect you most, not the Pres and VP. They are typically just figureheads.


Watch Brewster’s Millions and vote none of the above 08!

By the way, Nancy Pelosi is a douchebag; so is John Boehner.

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September 29, 2008 at 7:46 pm