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In memory of a legend…

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Well, he is a legend to me.  My Dad.  1942-1997.

Around the time that my Dad was dying of cancer, I was living at their house in North Carolina trying to help out a bit.  My drive to and from work was an hour each way so I was listening to music for the drive.  At that time I was really into Amorphis’ Elegy CD.  It’s very folky, heavy, dark and moody and seemed to be the perfect enabler to the sadness I felt knowing that my Dad wasn’t going to be around much longer.

I absolutely love this record but even now, some 11 years after the fact, this album reminds me of my Dad.  There’s no real lyrical connection or anything like that, just one of those things that reminds you of an era in your life, good or bad.  I was also listening to Nocturnal Rites’ Tales of Mystery and Imagination.  Both kept steady rotation in my minivan for months on end and both remind me of Dad.

Too Much Blood…alright!

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My fondness for the Rolling Stones has never been much of a secret and I have always chosen them over the Beatles (blech!).  They are my #2 band of all time right behind Iron Maiden.  My earliest memories of hearing them are through one of my older brothers.  I can remember him spinning Sticky Fingers and Some Girls on the record player.   I was pretty much a fan from day 1.  Maybe 1977 or 1978?  Doesn’t matter.  I was pretty young.

Undercover (1983) was the first one of theirs that I owned on my own.  I remember buying it at Murphy’s on vinyl after hearing Undercover of the Night and She Was Hot on the radio.  It was a bit of a different album for them, yet it still retained the feel of a real Stones album, unlike Dirty Work (terrible).

This album gets dissed by a lot of hardcore Stones fans, probably because of their MTV sirplay.  No me importa.  I love it.  Even though I wouldn’t consider it their best album, it’s my #1.  Songs like Too Much Blood, Pretty Beat Up, Undercover of the Night…great songs.

I love Mick’s ‘rap’ in Too Much Blood: “Did you ever see the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Horrible, wasn’t it. You know, people ask me “is it really true where you live in Texas, is that really true what they do around there, people?” I say, “yea, every time I drive through the crossroads I get scared, there’s a bloke running round with a fucking chain saw. Oh! Oh! oh No, he’s gonna cut off, Oh no. Don’t saw off me leg, don’t saw off me arm.”

Good times.

Odd to think that this video was banned from MTV for a long time.

Tear down the walls! 66 Crush!

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Fall of 1986.  Rob Saunders and I were out running around town on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and saw that Trick or Treat was playing at the Suffolk Plaza Theater in downtown Suffolk.  We got there just in time to see the previews and such before the movie started.  I knew the guy who was the weekend manager and he gave us free popcorn and drinks which was very cool.

The only thing I really knew about this movie was that it was a horror flick and that it had a heavy metal soundtrack.  That was enough for me to want to see it.  So the movie starts and I see Skippy Handelman from Family Ties as “the metalhead”.  OK, not very fitting but whatever.  I was tripping out in the movie because of the various posters and albums he had.  Great stuff!  Lizzy Borden!

Gene Simmons played a good role as a DJ who gets killed by Sammi Curr.  Ozzy played a TV preacher and gets killed too.  I really do love this movie.  The guy who played Sammi Curr, Tony Fields, died on my birthday in 1995.  Up until recently most websites said it was complications due to AIDS, but now I see on the IMDB site that it’s listed as “cancer secondary to the AIDS virus”.  The dude was a Solid Gold dancer before doing this movie.  Apparently he was in the Thriller video and Lionel Richie’s Running With The Night.  So yeah, AIDS most likely.  Whatever, he did a fine job in this movie.

Sure, the acting is pretty bad but the story line always hit home for me a little bit.  Being practically the only metalhead in my school for a few years, I suffered some of the same silly taunting from the jocks and preppies like Eddie Weinbauer (Skippy!) did in the movie.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a dead rock star to conjure up and reak my revenge during a school dance.  hahahaha…lucky bastards!

Oh…the soundtrack.  Fastway.   Not their greatest effort but listenable just the same.

I bought it on DVD a few years back but it is not a quality version.  I’ll have to check to see if a better version was ever put out.  One can only hope.  I think I’ll watch this movie again tonight.  It’s been about a year or so.

It’s just overkill

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Sorry, this isn’t about the band Overkill.  It’s about Men At Work.   I became a fan on day one when they first hit in America.  It was a combination of Colin Hay’s voice and Jerry Speiser’s drumming.  That guy was a beast!


I can remember riding my bike down to Benji’s house and listening to this every weekend.   It was just good stuff.


Business As Usual – 1982

Other than Helpless Automaton, there’s not another bad song on the album.  people Just Love To Play With Words, Who Can It Be Now, Underground, Catch a Star and I Can See It In Your Eyes are certainly my faves.  Down Under is good but way overplayed.


Cargo – 1983

Their follow-up wasn’t as commercially acceptable but I think I like it more in many ways.  The song Overkill is easily one of my favorite songs by any band in any genre.  The album is filled with really good songs like Blue For You, High Wire and It’s a Mistake.  Dr. Heckyl and Upstairs In My House are great too.  I never cared much for I Like To.  Little too goofy.


Two Hearts – 1985

This album was a bit of a let down.  It’s not bad, but it’s lacking.  Jerry Speiser left the band and they used a drum machine.  ugh.  The Man With 2 Hearts and Maria are the standout tracks.


I did finally see them in Virginia Beach in 1999(?).  It was only Colin Hay and Greg Ham left in the band.  Reggie, Dave and I got there when the opening band had about 2-3 songs left and the show was sold out.  I’m a bit of a fanatic for this band and told them I was going to force my way up front.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  I got up there right before they took the stage and was dead center.  It was a great show.  Sadly most people were there to hear the hits but they played some other non-hits as well as some solo stuff of Colin’s.  All of which I was familiar with.  I was raising so much hell between songs that Colin commented to me from the stage, “You’re nuts mate.  I love it!”  Great show.


Afterwards I got to hang out with Greg Ham and share some wine with him.  Super nice cat.  I didn’t get to meet Colin.  Greg said he’s not much on hanging out and is a bit shy. 


Good times.

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February 20, 2009 at 3:30 pm