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Dangerous Toys Concert Review

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I’ll preface this by saying that I was never a big Dangerous Toys fan, but I am a Jason McMaster fan. His work with Watchtower and broken Teeth is top notch. It is with the Toys as well, but their style of rock wasn’t my thing although I do like their debut. I’ve been living in Austin for 2 years now and I think this is the first local show they’ve played since then. Sold out. $20 a head. Jason offered to put me on the guest list but I passed on it. For my friend’s bands I always like to pay.

The show started with a slide show from photographer Greg Maston whose photo of Randy Rhoads is on the inside cover of Blizzard of Ozz. He ran 100s of shots ranging from Ozzy, early VH, King Diamond, Wendy O, early and late era Pantera and a ton of others.

Then the Toys hit the stage. Jason’s voice was in top shape and the band was great. This line up features Paul Lidel (f. Dirty Looks) on guitar along with original guitarist Scott Dalhover. They were supposed to play here about 5 or 6 months ago but bassist Mike Watson’s diabetes hospitalized him for a while and he couldn’t play. He gave a nice apology last night for being the reason the last Austin show was postponed. The highlights for me were Queen of the Nile, Outlaw, Gunfighter, Scared and Gimme No Lip and Demon Bell (from Shocker). The band was having fun and so was the crowd.

McMaster is one of the best frontmen in rock n roll IMHO.

Great time.

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November 10, 2008 at 2:09 pm

Halloween in Austin

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I’m excited. My Motorhead tribute band is playing its first show in Austin, TX on Halloween @ The Red Eyed Fly. We haven’t done a show since February 2006 in Norfolk, VA.

I have an all new lineup since moving to Texas:

Me – fat dude with a Rickenbacker
Doug Morrison – bad ass guitarist handling lead guitar duties
Jason McMaster – Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys, Watchtower, Sad Wings…playing rhythm guitar and backing vocals
AJ – of Thunderosa on drums.

Check us out –

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October 14, 2008 at 12:40 pm


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I’ve been really tired all this week and I don’t know why. Haven’t been partying hard, not stressed out (more than normal anyway) and I think my health is ok…so I don’t know what’s up. Whatever. Maybe just some extra sleep will help.

Finally, Capricorn USA is going to start rehearsing for our upcoming Halloween show. No, we haven’t started jamming yet! Luckily it’s a cover/tribute band and we all know the songs individually, just haven’t played them together. My biggest concern is getting my voice back in “shape” for it. It’ll be great fun as I am jamming with 3 of my favorite people here in Austin: Doug, Jason and AJ.

I need to find a place to live. Gotta be out of my current place by the end of the year. The few of you who have been there probably noticed an musty smell and may have even smelled it on my clothes. It’s not from me! I swear! There’s something in the carpet or the walls there that I just can’t get rid of and the landowner isn’t chomping at the bit to figure it out. He’s been a great landlord though. I may move over to the east side into one of those concrete box/loft/condos in the middle of the ‘hood. Prices are pretty good right now.

I’ve been listening to a lot of WASP lately. Their first 4 records are great.

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October 2, 2008 at 5:53 pm